Irelia Rework Concept (WIP)

**Passive - Hiten Style Irelia's weapon follows the cursor moving 100 units faster than Irelia and will attack units Irelia is ordered to attack. There is a brief delay before it swings in a small arc. The blade is locked into attacking once the order is issued but must be within 300 units from the target when the order is issued. Her weapon will still cast any abilities even if Irelia is CC'd** _|Basically trying to give the feel that the blade is actually will controlled_ **Q - Bladesurge Irelia and her blade dash to target point. Irelia hits the closest target at the end of her dash while her blade hits all targets along the way. If Irelia kills a unit, the cooldown is refreshed** _|Same old dash but similar to Lulu Q since now you have two objects to consider_ **W - Petal Flash 1st cast: Irelia separates her weapon at its current location allowing her to re-cast this ability 4 additional times. Recast: Irelia fires a fragment in a line towards the cursor, dealing damage to all enemies along the path.** _|Old ultimate without the spellvamp and centered on weapon location from first cast instead of Irelia_ **E - Equilibrium Strike Irelia strikes at target enemy dealing damage equal to the damage dealt to her by target within 2.5 seconds. Her blade also strikes the target for flat damage and if target's HP is greater, any status effects on target are applied to Irelia while the opposite occurs if target's HP is lower. Status effects include buffs, debuffs and crowd control.** _|Her blade cast part doesn't really make sense but I just wanted some concept around being able to stun someone else who stunned you or something similar since people claim it isn't fair that Irelia gets a free stun when she has lower HP_ **R - Blade Dance Irelia's weapon fragments itself and orbits around her, she may recast this ability to dash to each fragment dealing increasing damage for each cast. Fragments disappear when targeted.** _|Basically Aurelion Sol with a dash, wanted to do something like Omnislash but FFAC but too much effort_

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