[Champion Concept] Izma, the Queen Bee

Yo, I've started this new hobby of creating champion concepts, and this is my first! Izma is a Bee themed support champion that focuses on playing around her hives. She's also able to order her swarms of bees around her hives from across the map. Her main goal is the fit the niche of a micromanaging support, which hasn't been experimented in the game currently. **P - Hive Mentality** Izma gains bonus movespeed when moving around or towards Hives. When Izma damages enemy champions near Hives, they are applied with Honey for 3 seconds. Allies that damage Honeyed champions heal a small amount, up to a cap. **Q - Nectar Shot (Average Cooldown)** Izma spews a nectar in a line, exploding on the first enemy hit, dealing damage and applying Honey to enemy champions. Allies in range are healed. When cast in a Hive, Nectar Shot also applies the blind and slow from W - Bee Construct. **W - Bee Construct (Long Cooldown) (Limit of [2/2/3/3/4])** Izma creates a Hive at the target location. The Hive slowly releases a swarm of bees over 3 seconds. Hives last for 2 minutes and can be destroyed. Enemy champions entering the swarm will be slowed, have their vision reduced, and dealt damage every second. Damage is doubled and persists for 2 seconds upon leaving the swarm if enemy champion is Honeyed. **E - Signal Order (Low Cooldown)** Passive: Empty hives can be filled by Izma for a health cost. First cast: Izma sends a signal to an active Hive. Second cast: Izma commands targeted Hive's swarm to either shield an ally, or attack an enemy. Attacking an enemy causes the swarm to follow that champion for 3 seconds, applying all effects listed in W - Bee Construct. **R - Cluster Swarm (Low Cooldown)** Izma commands an active Hive to explode, damaging and slowly nearby enemies. The swarm is left behind and expands, becoming mobile. The swarm can be commanded to a new location by recasting R, and will disappear after 10 seconds. The swarm applies all effects listed in W - Bee Construct. Allies standing in the swarm will be healed over time. **Notes** - R is controlled like Viktor R - W range is initially the size of Twitch W, expands to be about the size of Anivia R after Cluster Swarm - Q skillshot is very thin, but the explosion is large - E’s range scales with level. When maxed, range is similar to level 2 Ryze R. Feedback is appreciated! Other potential themes for this champion: - A void queen controlling Zerg-like parasites. - A shuriman who can command scarabs.
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