PvE co op game mode.

I've always wanted a game mode in league where you work together to achieve something. CoD had zombies and extinction and I thought that those were great ways to get away from the competitiveness of the game and still enjoy it. It wouldn't be that difficult to create a game mode that has unique objectives, items, upgrades, bosses, etc. They could add ways to earn some kind of currency in this game mode so that every time you play it you gain something. For example, they could add a secondary rune page system with unique runes specifically designated for the game mode and you could only buy the runes by playing the game mode, with a secondary mastery system where you start out as level 1 in the new game mode and you can hit level 30 by playing it and unlock unique masteries for the new game mode. Balance wouldn't be a huge problem because it's a casual game mode and it would give Riot an opportunity to try things that otherwise might be OP in normal games. I'd like to see a replayable map with unique npcs and enemies that you fight as a team with increasing difficulty as the game goes on and at the end there's a huge boss or something and if you beat the map you get bonus currency/exp. It would give players a way to cool off from tilt and encourage the mindset of working together and having fun, which is something I feel that hardcore league players like myself don't really have. This game isn't really fun, it's just a way to test yourself. Sometimes I wanna take a break and just have fun without having to prove myself against other players. I'd like to know if anyone else feels like this would be something worth playing.
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