RIOT, Can We Get a Zac Skin? It's been 2 years

Now let's talk about Zac Skins, can we talk about Zac Skins? I've been dying to talk about Zac Skins all day Why is it that Zac is so neglected in the Skin department when he's such a perfect candidate for so many possible skins? It took 2 Years for him to get his first non-release skin, and the Chroma they gave him consists of 2 colors which are practically the same (Orange and Yellow) Just quickly thinking up Zac skins, there are so many good ideas. Tar Zac, Magma Zac, Cloud Zac, Candy/Ice Cream Zac, and that's just off the top of my head. Past that, so many people have put forth so many good ideas for Zac Skins, and they continue to do nothing. **Shurmia/Sand Zac Concepts** **Ice Cream/Candy Zac Concepts** **Magma Zac Concepts** **Cosmic/Void Zac Concepts** **Space/Augmented Zac Concepts** **Cloud/Storm Zac Concepts** **Misc Zac Concepts** Ontop of his lack of skins, even his Chroma is severely lacking. Why does something like Officer Vi get 6 different color combination choices, but all we get for the Zac chroma is 3, basically 2, choices? He's one single color, was it really too much effort to give us a few more Hue options? Even with all these amazing ideas and community support, Riot for some reason keeps ignoring their champion with the most creative Skin potential to make sure champions like Master Yi and Caitlyn get their 4th-5th Sci-fi skin...
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