Please Make a Zig-Zag Dive

I don't care what kind of champion is behind it, but please oh please push through a design for a champion with a basic ability that's a zig-zagging dive. It would criss-cross itself like 3-4 times, have about the same range as a Fizz Q (or a little shorter), and would go fast enough that it would take some skill to predict where the dive would end. This ability is most suited for either a melee fighter or a melee assassin, but I can also see a ranged champion having this for an unpredictable kiting escape. You'd have to, of course, still be targetable while using this ability. Immunity or partial immunity to slows for the duration might be nice as well, though swifty boots could just be said champion's forte. I don't want to focus so much on the champion design itself as just getting ANY type of champion (except support) to have a zig-zagging dive. What do you all think about the idea? I did a forum search on the subject, and all that came up were posts about "how to tower dive." BTW just to clarify, this is not a Yasuo "dive multiple things one after another" type of ability. This would be Point Target and the game would automatically weave your champion in a zig-zag fashion speedily towards the targeted enemy (or minion?).

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