[New Champion Idea] Icathian Sol , The Void Mother. Unfortunately No concept art.

First few notes : The lore part will be a bit long but i really got to fit a nice amount of lore parts into each other. And also note my main language isnt english so please excuse my spelling mistakes and grammer. It is a really long read. Please enjoy. Lore : **Origin** - During the first moments of creation. Massive omnipotent beings were born. These beings were created to continue the universe and uphold it for eternity. Aurelion Sol {{champion:136}} was the first born of these creatures. Tasked to create life and light in the universe throught the stars he forged. But the Lastborn of the litter was born of darkness, Icathian Sol was born with the meaning to destroy or corrupt life as a means to balance the universe. In her eyes, destruction and darkness was necessary. But Aurelion saw her as a threat to himself and his creations. Easily overpowering her , he showed mercy to his only sibling and sealed her away in a seperate universe of darkness for her to rule over. Though she was satisfied with her new universe she dubbed The Void, she longs to return to her birthplace and her brother. But she couldnt pass the barrier between these universes as she was far weaker then her brother and couldnt travel between them without drawing power from sources she does not have. As aeons passed , She grew in strength and learned how to at least see into Aurelion's universe. Though unfortunately, Aurelion forgot about heras time went on. As Mount Targon enslaved Aurelion , he stopped forging his starts and caused the universe to start to decay. Sensing her brother's pain and the decay of his universe, Icathian attempt to reach him but was unable to travel between their universes. Drawing strength from the decay of Aurelion's universe , Icathian tries to rescue her brother ,even if it means she must destroy the very universe that enslaved him. **The Fall of Icathia** - During the war between Shurima and Icathia. Icathia's mages attempt to create a portal to summon reinforcements. Unfortunately Icathian Sol sensed this portal and immediately drew it to her universe and thus she and her invasion force decended onto Runeterra. The Shurimans and Icathians stood in shock in the sight of this beast. For a second , the battlefield stood still as she hovered above them. But monsters and demons began pouring out of the portal and the Shurimans attacked her causing them to be slaughtered . As it looked if there is no stopping her retaliation , the Shuriman capital used the Sun Disc as a weapon against Icathian Sol , wounding her and driving her back into her void. The beast would be named The Void Mother in the shuriman scriptures but would be forgotten throughout time. Now with her first successfull invasion and a foothold on Runeterra , Icathian sends her creatures to attack Shurima and mount Targon through small rifts she could start to create. Later on, she learns how to enter Runeterra herself for a short amount of time. The End. Consept art - unfortunatly im not a artist nor do i know anyone who can do it for me(If you want to do it please do i will post it here). But the picture i have in my head of her can be described as follow : She is a purple-ish female version of aurelion sol. She has a more "edgy" design. In other words, a bit more spikes and sharp edges but she still comes off as elegant. I imagen her voice as a soft voice but it has authority in it. Personal thoughts and notes on her lore. I really liked the idea of Aurelion's siblings and thought that it would be perfect if the entity in the void was one of his siblings. A being that is Opposite to him. She is a kind being born of darkness. Though she can get voilent if nessacery. She just holds a hate towards Targon for what they did to her brother. I also want her to be a type of misunderstood character. She is the little sister of Aurelion, she loves him and cares for him even though he sent her to her own universe. It would also be a great twist in my opinion if she would be the opposite of the void creatures. For now, we have been so use to the void creatures being these ugly monsters but what if their leader was a elegant dragon. I also want her to reunite with Aurelion and their story arc leading to Aurelion's freedom. The Void becomes a natural part of the word after they started working together. **Her Kit :** **Passive - Void's Return** Icathian Sol Starts with 0 stacks of Void Power with a max cap of 50 stacks. Each minion Icathian kills gives her 1 stack. Killing a large minion or monster gives 3 stacks. Killing a enemy champ gives 5 Stacks. Killing or assisting the kill of Harold gives 25 stacks. Killing or assisting the kill of Baron gives 50 stacks. Every 1 stack of Void Power gives Icathian 2 AP. If Icathian dies when at full stacks, Icathion consumes all the stacks and drop her respawn timer to 5 seconds and loses all bonus AP. **Q - Voice of Darkness.** Cooldown - 14/12/10/8/6 seconds. Mana - 80 Icathian Shoots out a pulse of darkness in a straight line from her. Dealing 50 AP + (100% AP) damage to all targets hit. Icathian also heals for 50% of the damage dealt by this ability. **W - Void Shiver** Cooldown - 25/24/23/22/20 seconds. Mana - 60/70/80/90/100 Icathian can aim and place down a void rift . The rift grants sight for 200 units around it. The rift has 3 HP. This rift gains true stealth after 1.5 seconds of being placed. The Rift lasts for 50/55/60/65/70 seconds. The rift corrupts 1200 units around it, showing it becoming purple-ish like the void. While Icathian or a team mate is on this corruption they gain the following(all buffs are immediatly lost if you leave the area) : Gains sight of the entire corrupted area. Gain 10/12/15/18/20 Movement speed. Gain 5/8/10/12/15% Magic Resist and Armor. Gain 2/4/7/9/10% Attack speed. Minions on the infested Area Gains : 5 % Magic Resist and Armor. 10 AD **E - Consume Life ** Cooldown - 20 seconds. Mana - N/A. Cost is 10 % of current hp. The ability lasts for 4/6/8/10/12 seconds. Icathian Can target a ally or enemy minion within 400 units and start draining it's HP. Icathian gains 1 mana for every 3 HP she drains from the Minion per second. If icathian Targets a enemy champ with this, Icathian is slowed by 20 %. But Drains the enemy 1 hp for 1 mana. The ability also silences the target after draining them for 3 seconds untill the ability stops. If the distance between icathian and her target is greater then 500 units, the ability is stopped. **Ultimate - Power Transfer** Cost - 100 mana Cooldown - 80 seconds. Icathian targets a enemy champ close to her and strikes them. Immediatly after, Icathian and her target's Health % swap over 3 seconds.
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