Updating Singed's Passive

Hello, I would like to make the case for updating Singed's passive. Besides the obvious that it is extremely outdated. My main case is that in the previous seasons, mana was found in plenty of defensive items, so it made it beneficial. However, as the game has progressed, the item that Singed needs to function do not include any mana. In fact, the highest winning builds include no mana whatsover on his build. And if we do build mana, next path ROA loses alot of stats. And please don't say that the toggle gives you hp back, it only gives you at most 2hp per second. Building mana to get back 25% back HP is just nonsensical. It made sense in the past when items had mana but now it doesn't. It is so much better to simply build HP instead. I suggest a passive that actually corresponds to his theme as a chemist. Perhaps different potions have different effects depending on your playstyle? 1 potion could increase your HP and tenacity by a percentage? Good for tanks. Another potion could increase your poison damage and give you slow resist. Good for aggressive players. You get the idea right? Just...a concerned Singed player, it is hard seeing all these other players get so much base damage and tankyness or so many reworks. Yet Singed is struggling. I don't want him to be OP. I just want him to have the tools (a better passive) to do Singed things better.
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