Blood Moon Karma

Been working on this over the last few days as part of concept practice. The gold coloring of the 2017 icon made me realize how the concept could really tie in with her. It's a bit late, considering the Blood Moon event is almost up, but I hope you like the idea! **Edit:** I've been getting a few comments about her mask, so I'll probably be changing it up. Does anyone happen to know the name of those demonish masks? Are they all just considered Kabuki/Oni/Yokai mask, or are there more specific names? Thanks! > I can't figure out how to change the original image, but I did make an update to the final piece. You can click the image provided to go to my updated deviantart page, or to [my new artstation account ]( see the final version plus some process pieces.< ---- If you're interested, I do have other skin concepts floating around the boards: {{champion:203}} [Forest Spirit Kindred]( {{champion:161}} [Atlantean Vel'Koz]( {{champion:24}} [Scribe Jax]( {{champion:143}} [Death blossom Zyra]( {{champion:420}} [Dunkmaster Illaoi]( {{champion:12}} [Sakura Alistar](
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