Really Cool Concepts I Would Like To See On Upcoming Champions

1. **The ability to control minions or transform them.** A champion that depends on minions and could focus there target on a enemy champion would be really cool or when I say the ability to 'transform' them, I was thinking something like channeling a laser on an enemy minions and converting them to your team. This would be really cool and it could be a champion passive. If it had a lets say 100 second cooldown and you convert a enemy super minion into your own minions that would be a really interesting champion. 2. **A champion that deals with gold.** Imagine if you had a support champion that gives you gold. This would be incredibly OP but also really cool. Or, a champion that steals gold or even a champion that uses GOLD instead of mana or energy! There are so many possibilities with gold for a champion. 3. **A champion that has it's own separate items.** There was a champion concept I once saw of Doran as a champion and he would have his own items built from {{item:1056}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1054}} . If he wanted to go AP he would build off of Doran's ring. If he wanted to go AD he would build off of Doran's blade and if he wanted to go tank he would build off of Doran's shield. 4. **A super speed champion.** A champion that moves so fast catching them is a very difficult task. This champion would move faster then {{champion:27}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:33}} at full build with {{summoner:6}} activated! If it was a support champion this could be really good for catching up to them quickly and healing/shielding/Ccing. I think a concept like this would work best on a support because they move so fast they can't be stopped but they don't do any damage so it would be balanced. 5. **A champion that uses or controls structures.** A champion that could make towers attack faster, change the target on towers, or make them invulnerable would make tower diving a whole new thing with this champion around. 6. **A champion that can mess with terrain.** If a champion like this was to be created I wouldn't want it to be like {{champion:163}} were you just build a Trump wall. A champion that can mess with terrain would be like making holes through terrain in which your team can walk through, closing off entries, or even CREATING A MAZE. It would be so fun if you could create a maze for the enemy team to get through to get to your team. Lets say you team started dragon and the enemy team is coming, you ult and now they have to find there way though this small maze to get to dragon!
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