Aileus, the High Priest

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you to Aileus, the High Priest. This champion is an immobile, autoattack-based AP bruiser whose kit revolves around his influence over the Mist (similar to Yorick--I'd like to integrate their backstories somehow) and a candle tainted by the power of the Shadow Isles. Aileus is a rather recent development, and I have not fleshed out many numerical details. So, I'll present his basic kit without most of the numerical parts I have in mind, give a little clarifying commentary, and wait for your response! I have general ideas as to how much damage abilities should do and such, and critical/mechanical feedback would be appreciated, but aside from review of the abilities I would appreciate some numerical ideas as to how much damage he should do, ratios and scaling, etc. Thanks for taking a look! FortiethAtom4 ========================== Passive: The Hunger: While Aileus is within 1200 units of a champion who is below 50% health, he gains 40% attack speed and his basic attacks deal 25% bonus damage as magic damage in an cone in front of him. After killing an enemy champion, The Hunger lasts an additional 5 seconds (regardless of nearby champion health). Q- Soul Grasp: Aileus throws a ghostly tether. The first enemy hit takes low magic damage every second and moves 15% slower. Aileus heals for a small percentage of the damage dealt (scaling at levels 1/7/13). (Maybe reduced healing from minions?) Up to two/three/four (1/7/13) tethers can be out at once (damage and slow stack on the same enemy), and hitting an enemy champion reduces Soul Grasp’s recharge time by 1 second. (Holds 2 charges) _Tethers last up to 3 seconds. This duration is refreshed if the enemy is hit with another tether, and it ends if the enemy moves far enough away from Aileus, if Aileus dies, or a spell such as Cleanse or QSS is activated._ W- Deathlight: Aileus strikes with his shadow candle, dealing bonus magic damage on his next autoattack. Killing an enemy with Deathlight reduces Soul Grasp’s recharge time by 1 second. Hitting an enemy champion reduces the cooldown of Deathlight by 50%. E- Guiding Light: Aileus charges for 0.75 seconds, then flares his shadow candle in an area around him. Champions in the area take low magic damage and are feared for 1 second. R- The Calling Passive: Fearing an enemy with Guiding Light or stunning an enemy with The Calling grants The Hunger for the duration of the immobilization and for 3 seconds afterward. Active: Aileus burns his candle bright. While his candle shines, Soul Grasp’s cooldown is reduced by 50% and the total tether cap is removed (still maximum 4 on one enemy). During its duration (after at least 3 seconds), Aileus may toggle this ability (3s cooldown between toggles) to put out his candle, creating an area of darkness around himself. While the candle is out, enemies within the darkness cannot see outside of it, enemies outside cannot see into the darkness, and tethered enemies in the darkness when the candle went out are stunned for 1 second. The Calling lasts for 12 seconds. _After putting the candle out, The Calling can be toggled again to light the candle and restart the cycle, as long as The Calling’s duration has not ended. ‘Darkness’ is considered being Stealthed for the sake of vision mechanics. Control wards and Oracle Lens will grant vision into Aileus’s area of darkness from outside, and vice versa._
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