Cho'Gath Rework

Cho'Gath has been talked about for an upcoming rework for a couple of years alongside types such as pre-rework Irelia, Nocturne, and several others. Here's one of my rework ideas. I have a lot more of these ideas - albeit not as polished - for champions not direly in need of a rework, but could still use one. This list includes Janna, Pantheon, Fiddlesticks, Garen, a mini-rework to Vladimir and Cassiopeia, and other new champion concepts. Comments, feedback, and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. (Small Note: Keep in mind that I am not adding specific numbers or damages to these abilities) **Cho’Gath Rework ** Resource: Mana Damage: Physical Class: Juggernaut/Specialist Looks: Colossal, dark purple creature with jagged spikes running down the middle of its back, glowing blue eyes, huge clubbed tail, gaping teeth with saliva dripping out, and four arms, two of which have Vorpal Spikes equipped, while the other two are just claws. Starts out fairly small but still fairly freaky looking, ends game - if he has enough Gluttony stacks - colossal in size. **Passive - Vorpal Spikes** After staying in combat with enemy champions for 3 seconds, Cho'gath's auto attacks become empowered with Vorpal Spikes. Vorpal Spikes last up to 5 seconds or for four basic attacks. These basic attacks hit with his spiked arms, slowing enemy champions by 60% and shoot out 8 spikes in a cone shape in front of Cho’Gath. These spikes act like a Swain Q or Graves passive - spikes do flat physical damage each, and enemy minions, champions, and epic/neutral monsters can block them. Vorpal Spikes damage scales per spike and increases with level, AD, and Gluttony Stacks (see Devour) This passive has no cooldown, but Cho’Gath must re-enter champion combat for another 3 seconds after his empowered basic atacks wear off. **Q - Disregard** Cost: 80 mana Cooldown: 20 seconds Cho’Gath marks an area to his direct left or right side. After a one second delay, he lashes out in the marked spot, flinging aside the first enemy champion hit, dealing physical damage, and slowing them. If they are knocked into terrain by Disregard, they are stunned for the duration of the slow and the damage increases. This ability can be reactivated within five seconds, two seconds after it is first used. If it is reactivated, it has no mana cost and activates on the opposite side of Cho’Gath with the same effects as the first activation. This ability scales with level of the ability and AD. **W - Feral Scream ** Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana Cooldown: 15 seconds Cho’Gath marks a cone-shaped zone in front of him. After a brief delay, he screams, dealing current health magic damage (with a minimum) to targets hit and reducing enemy champions hits’ resistances. If an enemy champion is hit by Feral Scream while in melee range of Cho’Gath, they are rooted. This ability scales with level of the ability and max health. **E - Resilient Hide** Cost: 60/75/90/105/120 mana Cooldown: 25 seconds Passive: Cho’Gath takes reduced damage from damage over time abilities while Resilient Hide is not on cooldown. Active: Cho’Gath hardens his tough skin for several seconds, getting a % increase in armor and magic resistance and gaining a shield based on his maximum health for the duration. If the shield breaks, Resilient Hide ends early. While the shield persists, Cho’Gath deals bonus physical damage based on his maximum health, reduces enemy maximum health damage to current health and slows become 50% effective **R - Devour** Cost: 100/150/250 mana Cooldown: 150/120/90 seconds Cho’Gath raises his head upwards and, after a brief delay, lunges forward slightly and attempts to devour an enemy champion or large/epic monster. If an enemy champion is hit, they receive physical damage based on their missing health. This damage becomes true damage against champions below 33% maximum health. Large and epic monsters receive bonus damage, and the damage will always be true damage. If Cho’Gath kills an enemy champion or large/epic monster with Devour, he gains a stack of Gluttony. Each stack causes Cho’Gath to gain permanent maximum health based on the maximum health he has when he Devours a target, making him larger in size, as well as causing each Vorpal Spike to deal bonus damage per stack, and causing Devour to deal bonus damage per stack. This ability scales with the level of the ability, max health, AP, and Gluttony stacks. Recommended Items - Start:{{item:2033}}{{item:3340}} Early:{{item:3024}}{{item:1001}} {{item:3057}} Core:{{item:3800}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3078}} Corrupting Potion to give sustain in Cho'Gaths' weak laning phase Glacial Shroud and Sheen for CDR and damage Righteous Glory to help close the gap between himself and a priority target, Lucidity Boots to boost him to 40% CDR with just three items, and Triforce to finish off his CDR as well as provide some offensive stats Again, feedback and constructive criticism is awesome! Thanks for reading.

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