Argeus: The Silver Streak

Just an idea I had for a possible Noxian support champion. Feel free to suggest improvements and critique him as needed. General Notes: - Teenage cleric thief from Noxus, part of an ancient guild of thieves within the Noxian capital - Uses 'coin magic' - Supposedly the 'chosen one', was just a miscreant and street thug before being taken in by the guild - Still a rebellious teenager despite being forced into the roll of a monk and healer Abilities: Passive: Greed - Gains double gold from support item quests, then after quest is completed gains gold per level Q: Payday - Conjures a heavy bag of coins, then channels over a period of time, increasing the range at which he can throw the bag, which deals damage and roots enemies on impact W: Retail Therapy - Passive: Argeus heals whenever a minion dies near him, or when he gains gold from a support item quest or gold from his passive by leveling up - Active: Argeus tosses an ally a small bag of coins which heals them on impact. For a period of time, the affected ally heals when killing a minion or monster. E: Partners In Crime - Argeus gains an aura around him that shields him and any allies who enter the proximity of it. It also turns Argeus and allies with the aura invisible to enemies for a period of time. R: Silver Rush - Gains the ability to bounce from enemy champion to enemy champion, stunning them briefly on impact. He gains an amount of gold that scales with the level of his ultimate for every enemy hit. He is able to hit an enemy champion more than once, as long as he has hit two different champions first. Appearance: - Rabbit Vastaya with dark grey fur on the animal parts - Guild tells him to wear dark monk robes with hood to hide his vastayan traits (rabbit ears, buck teeth) although he often wears them without the hood on, and his robes are torn just above his knees, revealing his furry, rabbit-like legs -Has dark grey hair, silver eyes Animations: AA: Magical silver coin thrown at enemy Release Skin Idea: - Ace of Diamonds Argeus Other Champions: - Jack of Clubs Taric - Queen of Hearts Miss Fortune - King of Spades Kled
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