The Mischievous Adventures part 349

(The next day) {{champion:99}}: "So have you seen Taliyah lately?" {{champion:245}}: "No actually, she hasn't even contacted me in weeks. You thinks something's going on?" {{champion:99}}: "I doubt it, we'll probably see her around sometime." {{champion:245}}: "I hope." {{champion:99}}: "...Actually speaking of Taliyah, I was wondering if you two were a-" {{champion:79}}: *Bumps into her* "Watch where your going brat." {{champion:99}}: "Oh right, sorry." {{champion:79}}: "Hmpf." *Walks away* {{champion:99}}: "Huh...weird." {{champion:245}}: "What?" {{champion:99}}: "I could have sworn I saw that guy somewhere." {{champion:245}}: "Yeah me too, you think he's going to cause trouble?" {{champion:99}} {{champion:245}}: ".....Nah."
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