#REWARD 1 TRICKS New Mastery 8 for one tricks or people who play the champ alot

I am a 1 million mastery point renekton and i consider myself to be a something like a one trick or could be considered one. I really believe that if we put in alot of time in a champion (alot more than the level of mastery 7) we should be separated from the rest of players. I really believe this would be so cool and would reward our one tricks and the people who play a specific champion alot. I think instead of working on the normal mastery system of acquiring a certain amount of S's to rank up the champ it should use Mastery points and when u obtain a certain amount u should get Mastery 8. Now as to the amount of points required to obtain Mastery 8 i will leave that up to the community and riot themselves. But I really wouldn't like it if everyone had it just cause they played the champion a bit that would make it loose most of the prestige of having mastery 8. I think this would be a really good feature and if u guys and egirls agree with me please up vote this i talked to a riot employee i think his name was Mr. Freeny and he liked this idea and suggested to post it here.
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