First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for Riot's creation of Leblanc's most recent skin - iG Leblanc. It exceeded my expectations for a Leblanc skin because of its uniqueness compared to her other skins. However, this doesn't resolve the fact that Leblanc only has 7 skins with about half of them being legacy/traditional skins and half of them not looking very good. iG, Elderwood, and (maybe) Ravenborn Leblanc are her only skins that really impress me and 2 of them happen to be unavailable for a majority of the time. Yes, I know that iG Leblanc is available right now but nothing really convinces me to buy it because it doesn't really stand out for a skin compared to other skins like prestige edition Ahri. Which brings me to my point: {{champion:7}} _**LEBLANC NEEDS A NEW, COSTLY, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, GLEAMING NEW SKIN.**_ I imagine many Leblanc players would buy into "the best Leblanc skin", because right now, as an assassin, nothing about the idea of being an assassin comes to mind when looking at her splash arts or skins in game. She just seems dull and bland as a champion without something to make her look more appealing. Riot, Please consider making a new Leblanc skin that would resolve her current situation and boost her play rate.
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