New champion base concept

So, I saw the newest doodle thing on the league client about trying new crazy concepts and I thought about how various champions work, And my brain threw out, "What if there was a champ built to do anything depending on how you build him?" The idea that I came up with combines elements from several champs that already exist with his biggest unique factor being he is meant to be played in various roles and not be restricted to a lane. How to truly balance that is a good question but my core concept for the champion is he has 4 abilities a bit like Udyr and his passive is that he gets one "Level up" to an ability kinda like Kai'Sa. Each ability has a different scaling and when you hit the threshold for that ability you can choose to evolve them down that path making them anything from a melee assassin, to an artillery mage, to a melee tank, or a ranged AD carry, and whatever skill is ranked up adds a small amount of it's scaling to other abilities and potentially changes their range depending on which one was picked. Just re reading it makes it sound daunting but who knows, maybe you can use parts or all of this for a champ in the future for just that idea of lane-less champion.

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