Ergane, the Darkin Outcast

ABILITIES Passive Ergane has a short ranged cone expanding outwards from the direction he is facing in anything inside of it he is considered to be facing towards. Range increases with size. He gains damage reduction against attacks he's facing towards, attack damage scaling with his bonus size. Heavy CC dealt to him from within this range is heavily reduced. Ergane cannot gain attack speed nstead it increases his size. \\\ Q (needs to click on hiself with Q to activate) Ergane prepares to dash on four feet for up to 1 second during this time holding moving the mouse will draw a path within his passive range. When the total length of the path exceeds the length of his passive or Q is pressed again: Ergane dashes following the path pushing enemies aside and slashing up to 3 enemies that end up in her AA range during this doing increasing physical damage for each enemy hit. Has short cooldown between enemies. If no path is drawn within 1s interrupt ability. Can't be interrupted. Interrupts and stuns him if it runs into terrain. \\\ W Ergane's next 2 attacks are empowered with Darkin energy the first does hugely increased damage converting all damage to physical. The second does reduced damage but gives him a burst of speed. \\\ E Goes on cooldown until Ergane kills a large monster or champion. He strikes twice in a straight line within his passive range doing physical damage. Length is half passive range. Similar to yasuo Q but has to be pressed twice before it activates does decreased hugely decreased damage if the second strike hits the something it already hit. (really random couldn't think of anything for his e) Ergane \\\ R Ergane lets out a scream and grows enraged wildly striking enemies with darkin energy outward within the range doing physical damage and stopping healing. Growing larger over the next 5 seconds damaging enemy champions extends this effect. Range is half passive range. LORE CONCEPT Ergane is the son of a darkin (varus maybe?) and a noble girl from Zaun that ran away from home. When the girl learns that the man she met wasn't human but a monster. Everything she tries doesn't work and she eventually decides that she'll have the child but to kill it at birth. When she has the child in an abandoned Zaun alley she can't bring herself to kill him and ends up killing herself. Later a group of Zaun street kids find him and decide to take him and raise him deciding that his mother must of killed herself out of shame and that the spikes on his back and other malformations where caused by Zaun's chemical filled air. He grows up with them believing the same. The older he grows the more obvious it becomes that he isn't human and the gang has mixed opinions some wanting to get rid of him. Eventually confict stirs and things take a wrong turn and four younger members of the group decide to kill him silently when he's made to participate in his first heist at his 9th year (where at this point he's already almost as large as a full grown man) When he gets stabbed in the heart it triggers Darkin magic saving him causing rapid growth and his skin to turn red he kills them all. He ends up escaping Zaun.
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