New Champ

New champ, Named, Riot Man or Woman, we dont hate, Role= all of them, ad/ap bruiser/tank mage/assassin marksman/support What it looks like, the Riot logo for a head, and a stick figure body Passive=starts game with 40,000 gold Is ranged with 2000 unit attack range/melee range aswell heals 400% damage dealt Q= massive aoe skillshot that can go global hit anyone and automatically put them at 1hp W= A shield, that full heals you, then shields you again until you take damage, Passive=do on hit damage equal to you total gold E= a dash that makes you invisable forever, once you use it you cant see yourself, nobody can, can store 99 dashes recharge rate 1 second R= heat seeking homing missle holds 4 charges, locks on to any visable target and fire a rocket that steals the money from other champs, also does 100% of there total hp as true damage honest to god i see it coming
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