Dunkmaster Skin Ideas

Hey there Rito, your fav Darius main here and i got an idea for a new skin. Dunkmaster Galio. His ult would equate to the biggest Dunk ever, a giant flaming basketball hoop with him dunking into it. i dunno thought it would be a cool idea for a skin as you make Dunkmaster illaoi. Also new skin idea Dunkmaster Zac, he is basically a melted Basket ball, His joke makes him become a bouncing basketball or he would constantly dunk himself in a ring that was summoned from the ground, his E would be a dunk, Dunking himself, his Ult would also be a Dunk where he can Dunk the entire enemy team. please consider these teams as Dunkmaster Darius needs an opponent worth Dunking. You guys can tell me what you guys think and add any ideas you guys have.{{champion:122}} "I brought you something, it's Dunk"
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