RELEASE THE BUMBLEBEAR!!! Its been a while since Riot has done charity work related to skins. A couple seasons ago we had an URF Warwick, that raised money for manatees, and The Mighty Jax, that raised money for cancer awareness. Id like to let everyone know that the Honey Bee population has made it to the endangered species list. There are many foundations that put money into the preservation of honey bees. Without bees, pollination is heavily cut down, and medicines that we retrieve from honeys are greatly reduced. I was wondering if the community would enjoy helping a good cause. As far as riot is concerned, just like Warwick and Jax, id like to see a skin that helps fund an organization when purchasing a skin. The community has made hints of different skins from Bumble Bee Annie Honey Bee Nocturne Bee Catcher singed These are just skin ideas, but if you would like to see a different champion with this sort of skin please comment below. I think it'd be nice to once again know that Riot is helping other people :)
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