The Mischievous Adventures part 391

(The next day) {{champion:245}}: *Walks in* "Hey Mom, hey Dad." {{champion:236}} {{champion:76}}: "...." {{champion:245}}: "Um what's wrong?" {{champion:76}}: "....Ekko, we have bad news." {{champion:245}}: "What?" {{champion:236}}: "We're moving again." {{champion:245}}: "W-What!? I thought it was going to nice here!" {{champion:76}}: "Us too, but apparently the economy doesn't think so. Despite being popular and doing considerably well, we can't hold up in this market." {{champion:236}}: "We even heard that the mayor is going to replace this building anyway." {{champion:245}}: "....." {{champion:76}}: "We're sorry Ekko, we really are. we know how much you liked living here." {{champion:245}}: "....Yeah...when are we leaving?" {{champion:236}}: "About a week, that should give you time to talk to your friends." {{champion:245}}: "Alright, thanks for telling me." *Walks out* {{champion:236}} {{champion:76}}: "....."

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