Incubbi - The Possessive Marionette [Champion Suggestion] [Concepts] [Game Mechanics]

> I'm not in the mood to correct the mistakes made by the google translator, so everything seems confusing {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} **NOTE:** pay attention to the **NOTES** of the ultimate, there are many details that I considered and balanced. * **Initial considerations:** I wanted to make an empty demon and to envy humans for having the only thing it does not have: a heart. So I made a doll "I want to be a real boy" version from hell kkkkk. Regarding his design, I did not worry too much about it, I'm without a tablet, so making sketches on the computer is an impossible task, so I just did it the way I thought it was prettier (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) and cool * **Skills:** > **Passive - In the Palm of my Hand:** > Incubbi has control over the hearts of all his enemies at stake. The 5 hearts will appear on top of the mini-map, you will be able to click on one of the hearts and then use a skill, creating a different interaction and put the skill used at recharge time. > **NOTE:** Hearts are random (and shuffle whenever they are hit), it is not possible to know who each one belongs to, but it is possible to know who the owner is by seeing the heart beating slightly faster (which usually happens when approaching the enemy). > The further from Incubbi the victims are, the longer it will take for the curses to take effect. > > **Q - Barbed Whip:** > Incubbi strikes with his whip in a arc, hitting enemies with the tip will cause damage, hitting enemies in the middle of the whip will spin the rest of the rope on the axis of the first hitted enemy champion for x seconds, rolling it up. Activate the ability again or push the enemy with **Obey!** will pull the whip, lacerating the enemy, causing damage and bleeding damage (pulling the whip takes longer and he stops while pulling). > **In the Palm of my Hand:** Using this ability after clicking on a heart will wind up the same and cause slowness to the victim, putting this ability at recharge time. > Use this skill in a heart stolen by **MY MY MY** will add bleeding. > > **W - Thorn of Roses:** > It can be activated up to three times, when activated, launches a thorn in a straight line that will be stuck on the first enemy hit. Basic attacks and abilities that hit the thorn push it towards the heart of the enemy, pushing it completely causes bonus damage. > **On the palm of my hand:** Using this ability after clicking a heart will make a thorn materialize in a random position around the victim, and will advance straight into the current position of the target, placing the ability at recharge time. Using this ability on a heart stolen by **MY MY My!** will allow the heart to be perforated up to three times, causing damage. > **Note:** Thorns follow the rotation of an enemy, if you shoot the back and the enemy faces you, the thorn will continue in the back. > > **E - Obey!:** > Incubbi kicks an area in front of him, advancing back. If he hits a champion, he will push him and gain a distance bonus. > If he kicks the thorn of an enemy champion who has received **Thorn of Roses**, he will push the thorn into the enemy's chest, causing even more damage. > Kicking to the sides while **Bearded Whip** is wrapped in an enemy champion, will allow Incubbi to spin around the curled champion, taking a full turn around the enemy will stun him for x seconds. > **In the Palm of my Hand:** Using this ability after clicking on a heart will cause Incubbi to kick the heart, throwing the victim to some random direction and put the ability into recharge time. > Using this ability on a heart stolen by **MY MY MINE!** will cause Incubbi to stand still and play for x seconds with the heart, pushing and dragging the victim using the mouse. > > **R - MY MY MY!:** > Activating this ability on an enemy will cause a small amount of damage and steal the target's heart, accumulating **Obsession**, which gives a bonus of life and ap while the heart is in your hand. > If the enemy with a stolen heart does not get their heart back (hearts will be knocked down if Incubbi receives group controls or is killed) after 3 minutes, the victim will die instantly (if he is NOT in his base), allowing Incubbi to accumulate **Possession** (killing the enemy with a stolen heart will not accumulate **Possession**, will only accumulate after the end of the 3 minutes). > With 1 **Possession** he can pluck hearts as he walks next to the target enemy champion. > With 2 accumulations of **Possession** he take the heart off and advances backward. > With 3 accumulations of **Possession** hoards he plucks and pushes the enemy back, if the enemy hits a wall, it will stun for x seconds. > With 4 accumulations of **Possession** he advances in a straight line, plucking the heart from all the enemies crossed. > With 5 accumulations of **Possession** heaps he can use the ability to pluck the heart of enemies within a distance x, by clicking on the heart, if the victim is below life x, he will execute it. (can only be done with a champion, which will put the ability into recharge time). > **NOTE:** Incubbi can continue to accumulate **Obsession** of enemies that have been killed by MY MY MY!, but they will not die after 3 minutes, nor accumulate **Possession**. > If the enemy with a stolen heart is dead when time is up, **Possession** will be accumulated and the enemy will not die again at birth, or anything of the kind. > Should the enemy with the stolen heart attack Incubbi without group controls, he will only bring down his heart, killing him will knock down all the hearts of **Obsession**. > If hearts dropped on the ground are not recovered by Incubbi, they will disappear after x seconds and return to their owners. > Even if the enemy takes your heart back, it will take x seconds for the wound to close, which allows Incubbi to knock down the enemy's heart with group controls or kill him. * **Concepts:** The idea is that the hearts accumulated by **Possession** would be sampled on his back. Already the hole in the chest would be the ideal to be the place from where the thorns are thrown, besides being the place where the hearts of **Obsession** would be stocked. * **Final considerations:** if you came here to read, I hope you have read the **NOTES** of **R - MY MINE MY!** very well, because there are many details that I put to be considered and that help to balance the skill. In addition, I put 3 minutes because it is the time that the human being would take to die in case he lost the heart. This, of course, may vary according to the situation, but usually this time is reached in adrenaline situations, such as in police raids. Where they often shoot criminals' chest, hitting their hearts, but as they have adrenaline scattered all over the body, they do not notice the pain and continue to react until at most 4 minutes later (there have been cases where police officers said that the criminal shot in the heart continued to move for more than 5 minutes). I also had other ideas that could not be inserted, such as, perhaps, pretending to be a random enemy champion just for whom he stole his heart or something, but there were already too many things inserted into the other skills. I had also thought of inserting the option of tying the whip into the thorn and pulling it, dragging the champion briefly toward it (like the Aatrox w).
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