Knockout Vi

So I was listening to {{champion:254}} Vi&#039;s theme song and noticed there was a line that said, "She&#039;ll knock you out." And I start thinking to myself... Why doesn&#039;t she have a Knockout skin? Think about it, IT&#039;S GENIUS! She&#039;s all about DESTROYING people with her punches. So I just find it a bit... strange, that Lee Sin gets a Knockout skin (who doesn&#039;t even use punches, he&#039;s all about kicking people), and Vi doesn&#039;t get one. That was just something that has been on my mind for a long while now ever since Lee Sin&#039;s Knockout skin was released. I have a feeling you get this topic brought up to you often because I REALLY doubt I&#039;m the only one who thinks Vi needs a Knockout skin as well. Well you can go ahead and consider this request if you&#039;d like it or not. P.S. Vi is my favorite champion of ALL time. She is my current main, not because some people consider her "overpowered", but because I&#039;ve played every single champion in the game and I haven&#039;t had as much fun with anyone as I have with Vi. She&#039;s just straight up awesome! Move set, character design, lore, personality, and even her song! Wow, you guys REALLY did a FANTASTIC job with this champion. I own every skin for her and I would buy a Knockout skin for her even if it was a Ultimate skin. I <3 VI!
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