New Champion Concept: Soluna, The Aspect Of Balance

PREVIOUS CONCEPTS: [Nah'Kasar, The Void Dervish]( BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Soluna Title: The Aspect Of Balance Region: Mount Targon Race: Human Attacks: Ranged Class: Support/Mage Resource: Sunlight/Moonlight Role: Support Archetype: Utility Support/Offense Support LORE: Once a simple kid born to two Solari priests on Mount Targon, Soluna was much unlike any of the other children in her village. She never seemed invested in the teachings of the Solari elders, and she never seemed to learn anything meaningful from the religious texts. As such, she was very anti-social, preferring to stay inside all day and read whatever her parents permitted for her. While everybody around her followed the Solari teachings with zeal, she just felt empty inside, and she even started considering leaving the mountain in order to find something she could believe in. As she started to make plans for where to travel to, she noticed a woman outside being surrounded and attacked by Solari priests. Almost immediately, the woman turned on the priests and unleashed a cosmic power outside of her wildest dreams, the power of the moon. After running to the woman, she identified herself as Diana, and Soluna felt a fulfillment in herself, and immediately set out to learn more about this secret religion. She started meeting with Diana while her parents were asleep or out of town, read Lunari texts in the place of Solari texts, and frequently gazed at the moon when she was alone. She even watched Diana fight the Solari priests that were supposed to be teaching her one night. Except...she recognized two of the priests. They were her parents. She didn't want to, yet she did. She watched as Diana murdered her own parents right in front of her. The only thing that confused her more was Diana's look of pure fear when she realized that Soluna watched her murder her parents. Her mind was more conflicted than ever about the two religions. She didn't find fulfillment in the Solari, but the only Lunari she ever knew had just murdered her parents. She went on her own quest to find clarity in her troubled mind, and she found one title at the center of it all, The Aspect Of Balance, a deity who seemed to know the two religions like it had founded them itself. She searched Mount Targon relentlessly for years and years until she finally found an ancient story about the balance of the two religions. She finally found something that seemed so simple, yet was almost a breakthrough for all of Mount Targon. She felt herself become infused with celestial energy, and she could she the sun and moon sitting next to each other. She had become The Aspect Of Balance. Soluna then decided to start spreading her own gospel of how the two religions were made to live in peace and balance. Those who praised the sun were exposed to Lunari teachings, and those who praised the moon were exposed to Solari teachings. One day, a fire will burn that will unite the two religions, and she will be the spark that lights it. ABILITIES: Soluna is a support mage that switches between two forms to enlighten her foes on how healing and hurting can live in harmony. P - _Duality_: Soluna has no resource, instead she gains _Sunlight_ or _Moonlight_, depending on which form she is in, by landing abilities, up to 200 units. By switching forms, Soluna expends all of her _Sunlight_ or _Moonlight_ for a special effect, depending on what form she switched from. By expending _Sunlight_, Soluna heals all allies around her, scaling with _Sunlight_, level, and AP. By expending _Moonlight_, Soluna deals damage to up to 3 nearby enemies, scaling with _Moonlight_, level, and AP. Q - _Mend/Maim_: Solari Form: Soluna creates a circle on the ground that heals all allies in it after a 1.5 second delay, scaling with rank and AP Lunari Form: Soluna creates a circle on the ground with two tendrils for 4 seconds. The tendrils attach to the first two enemy units that come in range, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds, that scales with rank and AP W - _Blinding Light/Chilling Night_: Solari Form: Soluna blasts a target enemy with pure sunlight, blinding them for 0.75 seconds Lunari Form: Solari creates a moon insignia around a target enemy that explodes after 0.75 seconds, dealing damage and slowing all enemies hit for 30/35/40/45/50% for 1.25 seconds. E - _Religious Zeal_: Soluna switches forms, expending all of her _Sunlight_ or _Moonlight_ in the process and activating its effect. R - _Arcanum_: After 1.25 seconds, Soluna launces a yellow and blue ball with global range that is infused with both Solari and Lunari energy. The ball gains more damage as it flies, until it has flown for 1 second, after which the ball becomes a solid yellow color. After another 0.5 seconds, the ball changes color and becomes blue. After another 0.5 seconds, the ball turns yellow again, and the ball continues changing colors until it hits an enemy or goes out of the map. The ball applies a special mark that lasts for 1 second depending on what color it was when it hit them. _Mark Of Solaris_: If the ball is yellow when it lands, the enemy is inflicted with the Mark Of Solaris, increasing all damage they take. _Mark Of Lunaris_: If the ball is blue when it lands, the enemy is inflicted with the Mark Of Lunaris, decreasing all damage they deal EXAMPLE RECOMMENDED ITEMS: {{item:2302}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3165}} QUOTES: Picks and Bans "One day, they will all know the truth" - Picked "Why do you choose not to listen?" - Banned INSIPRATIONS: Main concept and Q ability name (Mend/Maim) inspired by Equinox from Warframe Duality mage concept inspired by Moira from Overwatch CHANGELOG: Released - Quotes are hilariously unfinished, but I came up with most of this concept as I was making it, so yeah. Hopefully will add more quotes after I update Nah'Kasar's quotes again. Update 1: Added another inspiration I realized I had. As I thought about it, I realized how much Moira inspired this design. Update 2: Changed the description and timing of Lunari W: Soothing Night. Update 3: Somehow forgot to mention whether she was ranged or melee. To set the record straight, she is ranged
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