Briar, the forest vanguard

Art not created by me [Passive] Brair travels with his pet timber wolf Rowan; is a fully controllable unit utilizing shift click functionality but will automatically attack any enemy within 500 units of Briar or any unit that damages Braliar, Rowan's stats scales 30% of Briars except for his AD which is 50% of Briar's AP, Rowan has three hit bars and deals mainly physical damage. [Q] Up Root; leaps 500 units in a target direction,goes over walls bringing up 3 waves of roots in a cone traveling 400 units dealing 40/65/90/115/140 +30% AP and slowing enemies hit by 20%, each wave deals 30% less damage and hads a 5% weaker slow than the previous with a 10% lower chance of procing. If Rowan is within 60 units he leaps with Briar dealing 30/50/70/90/110+ 30% of Rowan's AD to a 200 unit area and stuns any targets hit. [w], strangle vine; throws a seed 80 units to a target location what acts as a trap first rooting any enemy champions that come within 100 units of it and deals 50/60/70/80/90/100 +10%ap as periodic damage over 4 secs,these vines can spread to other enemy champions within 60 units of the first and root them as well. These seeds can be thrown at Rowan and allies to recover health based on 20% of Briars AP, Rowan enters a frenzy state increasing his size and gaining bonus magic damage and movement speed, 50% of all damage dealt by Rowan in this state is restored to Briar as life steal and Rowan latches on to the first enemy champion he attacks reducing their movement speed by 60%, champions are realised when Rowan is either stunned or killed. [E] Ambush; Briar plants an ivy bush at a target location the bush is similar to regular bushes but grants sight of enemies that stand near/in them and applies pollin; a status that causes units to take 10% bonus damage from all sources. If Rowan is within a bush his next attack is a leap which suppresses an enemy champion for 2 seconds, allies standing in or near ivy bushes gain increased health regeneration. [R]Keeper of the Grove; Briar equips his Elm armor and birch bark blade sacred armaments granted to those chosen by the spirit of Gaia, the Elm armor absorbs the impact of abilites causing Briar gaining 30% physical and magic resistance, while the birch bark blade redirects all damage absorded by the Elm armor to Briar's primary target. Effects last 40 secs and has a 2 minute Cool down.
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