Make URF a permanent gamemode

URF is one of the best parts of league, the silliness and fun really helps when so much of the game is toxic and serious. Now that its back for the 10th anniversary, I feel that it is the perfect time to keep it here. All random urf is just not a substitute to URF the random picks makes it so it is less fun on your end because most of the time you are given a champ that is just what you want to play and will not bring the same high as picking the character yourself. The random nature also makes it horribly unenjoyable because you will verse people who got lucky with an unfun and character. For example, you are given garen, not the best fun but still can be enjoyable. your ally top is some guy who got xin. Now your opponents are a brand and an ezreal. You have now entered the no fun zone. You will be poked out forever and constantly feel anxious. 2 rerolls are not enough and a pool of rerolls are not enough because urf makes you want to play a specific champ and the pool is just filled with nothing that really will spark anything. The main reason we got the ARURF is because people would be leave league for what seemed like permanently after it was gone. The key word being "after". If urf was around at all times, those people will not leave or take a break. Plus it can be used as a marketing tool. Attracting more players. URF can also serve as a "chill out" gamemode for those who find aram to be not fun, Like myself. URF is truely unique compared to the other gamemodes, it can stand out and be its own thing, heck maybe it can have its own map to skip laning phase. It is not a fun gimick like hexakill and one for all. It has its own dynamic. No cooldowns changes the game and environment more then 6 people, same champ or any other alteration could. I beg to keep this here to stay it is one of my favorite aspects of league.
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