Basiti: Matron of the Sands

in Egyptian mythology, the goddess of joy and happiness
Credit for the image goes to Alli-sa on Deviantart ( ) Lore: (None yet) Height: 5' 11 Melee/Mage Weapon: Augmented Claws. Home: Shurima Role: Support Skills Passive: Protective Behavior: Basiti gains X/Y/Z Magic resist for each allied champion within X yards. Q: (Broken Tomb): [AP scaling] Basiti disrupts the ground, sinking the target area, enemy champions within the area are snared for X seconds. W: (Feline Intuition): [AP scaling] Active: Shields her and her ally, increasing health regen and attack speed by X. Passive: Basiti gains X mana regen for X amount of seconds when an enemy champion is afflicted with Open Wounds E: (Open Wounds): [AD scaling] Basiti claws the enemy, slowing them by X. Basiti gains armor equal to X% of damage dealt. R: (Healing Sands): [AP/MR scaling] Basiti calls upon the sands to heal her allies, increasing her size, she gains X health. Allied champions are healed X amount while she can sustain the sandstorm. (Mana cost increases over the length of the uptime) I am still in the midst of creating this champion, I just want to know if it is worth it to keep going. Thanks.
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