Bajar keeper of the grove

Role: support, tank, mage. Lane: Mid, bot, Jungle Resource: mana Damage type: physical, ability focused UTility: average Mobility: low Crowd control: high Toughness: high weakness: magic damage [PAssive] ingrained: Standing in a location for 3 seconds causes Bajar to spread his roots making him immobile for the next 2 seconds. while ingrained Bajar gains increased health and mana regeneration and an increase in physical defense by 10%/20%/30% at levels 5/10/15 respectively. [Passive] spore: Bajar 's body releases toxic spores which float around him in a 300 units area these spores are released as Bakers health decreases, increasing the lower health he has. These spores deal 10% (+20%ap) of his current health per second or enemy units who pass within range and persist on them for 4 seconds. [Q] timber: Bajar rolls a log 600 units forward dealing damage and slowing units hit for 4 seconds. After reaching its maximum distance of hitting terrain it remains on the field as a impossible wall for 8 seconds. [W] snake vine: Bajar stomps the ground summoning vines to find and constrict enemy units at in a 300 units target location dealing 15/30/45/60/75% of the targets armor (+40%Ap) as damage over 3 seconds. Bajar can recast this ability to pull the targets towards his current location. [E] forest wisper: Bajar summons a wisp and sends it to a target location empowering plant life it encounters and changing its effects. If the wisp passes through enemy champions along its way it reduces their armor and resistance by 40%. {Blast cone} are transformed into mines which detonate dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+same % ap) physical damage and knocking away any enemy champions that come into range of them. {Scryers bloom} leaves a trail of toxic pollen in the air dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+same % ap damage) to enemies units who walk through the trail, and reveal them. {Honey fruit} paralyze enemy champions who consume them for the duration of the heal. {Snake vine} transforms into bramble dealing 20% Ap as bonus physical damage and forming a distructable wall at its location. [R] grand scyamore: Bajar plants a tree that grows within 3 seconds removing fog and granting vision of units within 1200 units of it, while active this tree grants 50/100/150 (+50% ap) as health per second to all ally champions within 600 units of it. This tree remains on the field for 12 seconds before it wilts and falls in the direction of the enemy fountain, this ability can also be recast to cut down the tree and have it fall early dealing 200/400/600(+40% ap) physical damage and stunning all enemy champions hit in a target direction (tree falls in direction Baker is facing at moment of recast) for .5/1/1.5 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
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