A little advice when creating a [Champion Concept].

If you want your Champion reviewed, post their full name in the comments (example: Teemo, The Satan Spawn). For those who want to see if my reviews are credible, here is a Champion I made: > [Arna, The Free Spirit](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/2tsBzZUG-champion-concept-arna-the-free-spirit) > > Shameless self-promotion is shameless. Don't judge me. A lot of people post Champion Concepts on this page, but not all of them are prize winning ideas. I assume that everyone's goal when posting here is to tell Riot "HEY RIOT LOOK AT MY CHAMPION HE/SHE IS AMAZING! YOU SHOULD MAKE HIM/HER!". If not excuse my ignorance. Stop. Stop right there fellow Teemo-Haters. Posting with that goal in mind is fine, but if you want Riot and other summoners to take notice of your Champion, you have to make your Champion worth noticing. Here are 5 tips when making a Champion: 1. **Sticking To A Theme**: I see a lot of Champions with a very cool theme, but their abilities don't deliver on that theme. For each ability, ask yourself: **Does this ability fit with the theme/personality of my Champion**? You might have thought of a sick ability with a brand new mechanic, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn't make sense that your blood-thirsty, cold-hearted, murder-loving Champion is healing your allies. THEME IS KEY! 2. **A Unique Design**: Your Champion should offer something new--something that no other Champion in the league has brought to the table. If your Champion doesn't bring something fresh to the Fields of Justice, then Riot won't bother making it (because they've already made it). And while it's okay to give your Champion abilities that are similar to the abilities of other Champions in the League, your Champion should, at the very least, make use of that ability in a different way. 3. **A Balanced Kit**: No one likes a game dominated by a single Champion/strategy, so don't make your Champion that person/thing. Compare your Champion's number to that of similar Champions in the League. If you're making an AP top laner, compare his/her/it's numbers with that of other AP top laners like Rumble and Vladimir. After adjusting your numbers, make sure that your Champion's new unique mechanic (see number 2 on this list) can't be abused in any situation. Something that is balanced in Team Fights might not be balanced in the Laning Phase, or vice versa. 4. **Play As Your Champion**: I don't mean that you should hack Riot and make your Champion so you can play them. Play them in your mind. Play out your Champion's Laning Phase, Team Fights, Poking, etc. Every scenario you can think of. This can help you determine your Champion's strengths and weaknesses, and weaknesses in a Champion are just as important as strengths. This can also help you determine if your Champion has an ability/mechanic that can be abused. 5. **Pros and Cons**: Make a list of your Champion's pros and cons. This will help you identify who your Champion is weak against and who your Champion is strong against. If your Champion has many more pros that cons, perhaps consider some nerfs? And if it's vice versa, maybe some buffs are in order? You don't have to write these pros and cons in the Champion Concept. You can if you want to, but these are mainly for you. Anyway, those are my 5 tips to make a good Champion. Pick a **Theme**, make it **Unique**, make it **Balanced**, **Test **it out, give **Buffs and Nerfs** if necessary. Again, if you have a Champion and would like it reviewed, post their full name in the comments (example: Teemo, The Satan Spawn).

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