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I've been either bored or stressed from college work and my love for League is near extinct at this point with how balance is going. Been looking for something to do and with a recent post about a VGU concept for Shyvana, news about her possibly getting updated next after Voli and Fiddlesticks and her being my favorite champ in League, I thought I would try my hand at C&C again since I first started on the boards in this section. Now, for this concept I had a few goals in mind: 1. Try to keep Shyvana closer towards a Ez/Pantheon level update. I don't really think her kit is that bad for a huge overhaul like Sion, but it definitely needs to stay similar. 2. Bring out more of the Juggernaut aspect of Shyvana and try bringing her back to top lane. She's classified as a Juggernaut, but doesn't have some characteristics of Juggernauts, like certain CC and sustain. I also hate how before you could bring her into top but as time went on, she was just shoved into jungle and only jungle. 3. Make dragon form feel more like the fantasy of a dragon. It's alright now but it's not quite there for me, especially when other games, mainly HotS with the upcoming Deathwing, make dragons feel more like dragons. 4. Try to re-adjust traditional Shyvana and AP Shyvana. Right now, at least as my current knowledge goes, AP Shyvana feels a lot more dominant. I don't wish to destroy AP Shyvana, if anything I want to try and keep it open as much as I can, but I also want to make AD Shyv a bit more viable again. **As a side note, most of this is showing off the new abilities and features in the kit rather than figuring out what numbers are appropriate. If people feel some numbers are too high or too low, I'll try adjusting them accordingly. If some people think certain feature are too overpowered or are not enough, I'll remove or try adding in some concepts where appropriate.* With that said, let's jump into the concept: **Lore** Shyvana overall has a pretty decent start to her lore and character: a product of two worlds yet doesn't fit in either one of them. Her previous rendition of her lore was damn near perfect to show this, telling how she was raised by her dragon father to learn the ways of her initial origin half, only to loose him due to the hatred of her draconic kind. Thus, she's now driven to live among the societies of humans with and learn about her other half but now lives with others viewing her out of fear. This is what I would revert the lore to a bit. Right now, it just feels a bit more one sided of Shyvana's dilemma of being raised too much by humans, leading more to a "cursed child-feeling" story of how she tries to fit in more with humans since she was mostly raised by them most her life, than being raised by both sides and trying to figure out which side she truly belongs to. It makes for a better 'finding yourself' story. ALSO REMOVING DRAGON DAD OUT OF NOWHERE AND SAYING HE WAS IRRELEVANT EVEN THOUGH HE WAS IN SOME WAY MENTIONED IN EVERY ITERATION OF HER LORE IS DUMB! Some things I would probably keep though, mainly her siblings and maybe a mage trying to snatch her as an egg but fails. Additionally, this story could lead to more world development, such as Shyvana coming to a decision to leave Demacia and be on her own, either for the safety of others or because she can't stand being viewed with fear to those she protects anymore, though that's just one possibility. --- **Design/Appearance** There's two ways that I can see this going. First, a very classic visual update. Something that is extremely similar to her base appearance but merely cleans up her design, brings it up to today's standard of look/models for League. A prime example of this would be from Jason Namgung : His design is near perfect for what I would want to see Shyvana updated as. It keep very close to her original design but updates it. Only issue I have is Shyvana still wearing heels. I just don't see a fierce, fiery, transforming half-dragon running around in high heels. Either more of a barefooted or combat boot design I feel would be more appropriate for her. Hell, Kayle has a better foot design. And speaking of which, that's my second thought. With Shyvana being aligned with Demacia, it wouldn't be that far fetched to maybe see her in more of Demacian style armor. Though I would actually prefer the former than this option since Kayle's redesign, as we should know by now, did not over that well with the community. I don't want her running around in a spandex suit (outside of SG). On top of that, I'm not really sure how Demacian colors and style armor on her would still make her read like Shyvana. Her Red armor with her purple/blue skin is kind of iconic to her. Maybe this concept as a separate skin, but hopefully not as a redesign. On a quick side note, I wanted to mention about whether or not Shyvana's dragon design should remain looking like a wyvern or more of the traditional dragons on the rift. Overall I wouldn't mind if she did keep her wyvern form, as it kind of makes sense with her only being half dragon, but I would rather see her in more of the traditional, western dragon form (4 legs, two wings). There just is a stronger feeling from a more traditional dragon than a wyvern. --- **Kit/Abilities** Now to the actual kit. Stats Health: 590-2260 Health Regen: 8-20 Fury: 100 Range: 125 AD: 65-125 AS: .642 (+0-40%) Armor: 35-98 Magic Resist: 32-53 MS: 350 - **Passive: Draconian Fury** – When Shyvana drops to or takes damage while at/below 50% HP, her dragon instincts begin to overwhelm her, making her enraged for 4 seconds. While enraged, Shyvana gains 10-50% (depending on lvl) bonus attack speed, and her auto attacks deal an additional 5-40 (+40% AP) magic damage. This effect can be extended through auto attacks for a total of 7 seconds. 30-15 second CD, lowered by 1 second per auto attack. - **Q: Vicious Assault** – After an initial delay, Shyvana sweeps the area in front of her, dealing 20/35/50/65/80% of her tAD as damage to enemies caught in the sweep and slowing them for 30% for 1.5 seconds, decaying over the duration. If enemies are caught in the middle of the sweep, they will instead take 120/125/150/165/180% tAD physical damage, along with any on hit effects (to the closest target to Shyvana however), generate 1 fury for each target hit, and slow all enemies hit by 60% for 3 seconds. If Draconian Fury or Fiery Frenzy is active, 50% of either abilities AP values are added to the sweep and 150% of either abilities AP values are added to the center damage, both as magic damage. Cast time is lowered based on AS. _Dragon form_ – The sweep now knocks back people closer (but not immediately) to the center and Shyvana bites towards the center afterwards, dealing an additional 110/120/130/140/150% tAD as physical damage to enemies caught. CD: 13/11.5/10/8.5/7 seconds - **W: Fiery Frenzy** – Shyvana channels her rage in a more controlled state, surrounding herself in flames for 4 seconds, dealing 14/23/32/41/50 (+15% bAD, +20% AP) magic damage to enemies around her each second. She also gains 20-40% decaying bonus MS for the duration, which can be extended through auto attacks for a total of 7 seconds. Additionally, Shyvana gains 50% of her bonus AS and 40/45/50/55/60% of her AP damage on hit from her passive during the duration. (Note: Fiery Frenzy’s AS and AP damage will be overwritten by Draconian Fury should both abilities be active, but both will have separate durations still.) _Dragon form_ – Shyvana takes off from the ground for a period of time, ignoring obstructed vision, terrain collision, becoming ghosted, and can attack while moving but loses her bonus MS and briefly becoming slowed by 15% for each attack. While in the air, her other abilities have additional effects: > * Vicious Assault - Dive down in target direction, carry enemies along before the sweep and immediately ending the effect of Fiery Fury. When this happens, Fiery Fury will release an explosion during the dive dealing 42/69/93/123/150 (+20% bAD, +40% AP) magic damage to the first enemy champ caught, along with any enemies close by. Range: 475 > * Fireball – Shyvana may launch the fireball at any target location within a certain range and explode upon reaching the target rather than exploding on champion hit. Range: 975 If Shyvana ults while Fiery Fury is active, the duration will be paused during the dash and she will immediately be off the ground when it finishes. CD: 15 seconds - **E: Fireball** – Shyvana launches a fireball in target direction, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+25% bAD, +75% AP) magic damage to all enemies hit and marks them for 5 seconds. If the Fireball hits an enemy champion, it immediately stops and causes a mini explosion to surround enemies in a 75 radius for 30% of Fireball’s damage. Enemies cannot be marked by this damage. Basic attacks against mark targets deal 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 of the target’s max health as bonus magic damage (capped at 100 for monsters) and heals Shyvana for 25% of the total damage done to those enemies (75% less affective against minions and small monsters). _Dragon form_ – When Fireball hits an enemy champion, it deals an additional 100-140 (based on level) (+25% bAD, +25% AP) damage and scorching the earth for 4 seconds. Enemies standing within the area take 50-110 (+10% bAD, +25% AP) magic damage per second and are persistently marked. CD: 14/13.5/13/12.5/12, Range: 900 - Ult: Dragon’s Descent – Passive: Dragon’s Descent has no cooldown or initial cost but requires 100 fury to activate. Shyvana passively generates 1/1.5/2 Fury while in human form (half while dead), 2 per auto attack in either form, and automatically gains 100 upon learning her ult. Shyvana transforms into a dragon as she dives to target location unstoppably, carrying all enemies hit in her path and dealing 150/225/300(+85 %AP) magic damage to them. At the end of her dive, she lets loose a fearsome roar, fearing all enemies within close range of her for .75/1/1.25 seconds. While in this form, she also gains 150/300/450 bonus health, additional 50/65/80 attack range, increases in size depending on Dragon’s Descent rank, and grant’s the following bonuses to her basic abilities: > o Vicious Assault – Area size is increased by 25/50/75 > o Fiery Frenzy – Gain additional MS (+10/20/30%) > o Fireball – Explosion is now larger (200/230/260) At max rank, she gain an additional 10% bonus Armor and MR while in Dragon form. Range: 825 --- Now for some discussion on the changes. The passive change is relatively straight forward. Her current passive right now just hasn't sit right with me for a while now. Before is was decent, I mean free armor and MR over the game I thought was OK but nothing too interesting. Right now though, it just doesn't feel that great. Yes, extra damage to dragons is kind of nice but then tying her bonus/MR growth to how many dragons you get just feels very feast/famine; either you get them and your bonuses actually scale, along with getting dragons or you don't and not only losing out on an objective but also left with mediocre stats for the rest of the game. The new passive is to try and fix that a bit by, in some people's terms, an actual passive. It essentially give her more of that feeling of her rage taking over her in the heat of battle. In game, it's to help with dueling when someone starts getting you low and you have the potential of a comeback, while for jungling it can help clear camps faster. It also plays in more to Shyvana being an auto attacker, as well as more of a mixed damage dealer. The Q is pretty similar but still pretty different. Now instead of enhancing an auto attack, it's now a short ranged arc for a tiny bit more help in wave clearing, but mainly to give an actual source of CC pre 6. A slow at the most I thought was the best decision since giving her some sort of stun, just anywhere in her kit, would make her start feeling like Udyr (with the whole, run, punch n' stun, wack 'til dead rotation). I'm still debating on this one since it just adds another cast ability to her kit instead of focusing on auto attacks, at the same time I also just felt it needed to change for the better and provide something more, like Mord and his E now providing CC also. I also tried implementing it so it can still feel like what your auto attacks do matter, such as providing the damage bonus from passive/W, applying on hit effects to the closest target to you in the center, and gaining fury. In dragon form, it provides more utility to team fights with knocking enemies around, as well as providing a little more kick with the bite for that feel of a deadly dragon. Unfortunately, because of these new features, I felt the power budget needed to be shifted, hence why you no longer get CD reduction for it with autos, as that also goes towards your passive now. W is also similar but still different. I really like the ability, hell I think it's my favorite ability on her, so it was also really frustrating to figure out if this should be different or stay the same. Overall, I tried having it stay the same as much as I could. Still does the AoE damage, extends duration through attacks, even empower her auto attacks still. However, rather than empower her attacks from W's damage, I decided to make them empowered based off of your passive, but at bit weaker as to not make it too reliable but still allow some use of it while it's on CD. Though, I also had to lower the base damage of W but tried adjusting the scaling so it could work better for AP builds. As for Dragon Form, I wanted to give her something special. She almost fulfills every aspect of a dragon except one: flying. This was kind of my chance to figure out how to implement that element into her dragon form. Previously W left a burning trail, which was neat, now it just grows bigger, boring, so why not instead allow it for Shyvana to "fly"? Essentially it would be similar to when A. Sol is in flight with his E but Shyvana would have more control over her movement. Now this also in mind that she's mostly using it for either quick transversal over terrain, which then it's usually wasted with the CD, or to stick to targets. I also wanted to try an interesting test of a melee champ being able to auto targets while still on the move, though I'm debating on whether or not this should stay since even I feel it might be too powerful, but I'll leave that up to the community. Just felt appropriate with her flying over the battlefield and striking down at enemies while in the air. It also provides some more uses while in that form, such as modified Q and E to provide some more options within the 3-7 seconds. The rest of the kit is really just the same. E is mostly the same, lowered base damage but raised the AP ratio a bit, mainly to make room to add in a sustain mechanic. Somewhat difficult to add in while trying to figure out if it's too much with how E is right now, so I might need adjusting numbers, maybe make it a flat amount against minions. Also decided to add a little mini explosion to test out against champs clumped together (might end up removing this to avoid too much AoE damage in the kit). The Ult is also relatively the same, just with some number tweaks and try adding in a small fear mechanic for a bigger entrance. In addition, I figured leveling ult would also try to empower abilities a bit, along with gaining bonus armor/mr at max rank but, again, this might feel like a bit much (especially since dragon form already adds to the basic abilities) so I might end up removing it later depending on feedback. --- Anyways, that's my concept that I've been spending the last few days on. Let me know what you guys think, if certain numbers need to be adjusted, if certain features need to be removed, etc.

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