Kog'Maw Merchandise Concept (Skin IF Creative and properly licensed)

OK, So surely I'm not the ONLY person who as a kid enjoyed stuffing his mouth full of PEZ from dispensers, just shooting the PEZ straight into my mouth, as much as I could, this reminded my of Kog'Maw, spray of bullets, non-stop shooting, so imagine this at least as a merchandise, PEZ Dispenser Kog'Maw. Sure I mean... the demographic of people who would buy that probably isn't high but.. It's fricken PEZ, I would buy it, because 1. League 2. PEZ, I love PEZ. There are multiple benefactors to this, 1. It would support League Of Legends with a partnership to a company -Sure an odd partnership but whatever- 2. It would support PEZ And League with profit, considering PEZ is cheap candy to make.. and the dispensers are plastic... not very expensive.. Though the probability of this is low, and the chance that someone already had this Idea is high, I'm still posting it, because why not? PEZ, And Kog'Maw, Perfect fit!

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