(CCOS) Hauron, the Stag Lord

***Hauron, the Stag Lord*** --- --- --- ># Background >In a city left to its fate in the withering grey forest, my shrine still stood. Sacred fires burned out, ancient glory forgotten, Crown of Antlers overgrown with pestilent slime. I was found by a man - one man confided his faith in me, cast out as insane by the throngs of civilisation, clutching my holy symbol to his heart, a gesture not seen in centuries. > >One - the earth and me, caretaker of the green and wild and the waking races of man. In aeons of rain we walked shoulder to shoulder, claw to axe, horn to spear. My animals, their food, my worship, their strength. > >But man left me, ears deafened by the roar of steam machines, eyes blinded by opportunity. They turned to the worship of the god of forged steel and goddess of shining gold. I was betrayed by those I protected, cast down into toxic runoff from their factories. > >I died in the darkest corners of Kumungu, yet within the rotting trees I still lived, and in the circle of a voodoo drum and a fool's perfect trust. There in the shadow of acrid smoke and blackened leaves, I awoke. --- >I am the dying of the land. I am the changing of the earth. I am the rot upon the edifices of man. The creeping vines that undermine their cities. The fierce tempest they fear! > >Mankind! I see you crawling over each other like rats, trampling my gifts underfoot. I see the ship of man sailing for the maelstrom, its crew singing shanties of progress. My wrath shall be upon you once more. > >My voice is the trembling earth, my breath is choking ash, my tongue is molten fire, my arrows are the beasts of Runeterra. I am the Stag Lord, and this is my world. http://img15.deviantart.net/367e/i/2008/361/9/4/hern_the_hunter_by_gib_wolf.jpg --- --- --- ># Kit # Passive - Forest Grim >Hauron is accompanied by his pet, the antlered direwolf Woden. By holding down Alt and right clicking, it can be commanded to move or attack enemies, but it is tied to Hauron by a 650 range leash and will run back to Hauron when this distance is exceeded. Right clicking Hauron sets Woden to follow Hauron. > >After Hauron uses an ability, casting the same ability again triggers a follow-up by Woden if he is alive. When slain, Woden respawns at its master's feet after a 30 second delay, -1 second per character level. > >Woden has the following stats: > >* Health: 350 at level 1 +125 per character level >* Damage: 30 at level 1, +6 per character level (+70% of bonus AD) >* Attack speed: 0.85 >* Movement speed: 380 at level 1, +5 per character level >* When leashing to Hauron, will move at 120% of Hauron's total movement speed >* Armor: 30 >* Magic resistance: 30 >* Health regeneration: 3/sec at level 1, +0.25/sec per character level # Q - Deadwood Arrow >* Cooldown 12/11/10/9/8 seconds >* Costs 60/65/70/75/80 mana > >Hauron's next auto attack within 4 seconds is a cursed arrow that places a *Hunter's Quarry* debuff on the target that grants vision and increases all damage taken from any source by 20% for 2.5 seconds. Casting this ability does not break *Stealth*, but the auto attack still does. > >**Woden follow-up: Hold Command (cast *Q* again within 1.5 seconds after the Deadwood Arrow hits an enemy champion)** >Commands Woden to leap at the victim hit by the Deadwood Arrow. The leap deals 20/30/40/50/60 (+20% bonus AD) physical damage and slows the enemy by 20/30/40/50/60% decaying over 2.25 seconds. # W - Forest Stride >**Passive component** > >* Cooldown 10/8/6/4/2 seconds > >When next to unpathable terrain, if this ability is off cooldown, Hauron may right click the terrain to leap into the treetops, gaining the ability to see across terrain while Woden enters the trees and disappears from the battlefield. Hauron may then move along the edge of the unpathable terrain at 20/25/30/35/40% increased speed (this does not allow him to cut across unpathable terrain). > >While Hauron is in the treetops, his auto attack range is increased by 150/200/250/300/350 and basic attack damage (not crit bonus damage or on-hit effects) is increased by 20/25/30/35/40%, but the ability ends when Hauron performs an auto attack. The ability also ends when Hauron right clicks open ground. When the ability ends, Hauron and Woden return to the ground at the nearest open spot and the cooldown starts. > >**Active component: Treetop Leap** > >* Only available while Forest Stride is active >* Cooldown 6 seconds >* Costs 30 mana > >Casting this ability allows Hauron to leap across a distance of 450 units to a destination point on the edge of unpathable terrain. If the leap crosses open terrain, its cast range is doubled to 900 units. The cooldown is separate from the passive cooldown. > >**Woden follow-up: Kill Command (cast *W* again within 1.5 seconds after Forest Stride ends)** >Commands Woden to fight relentlessly for 5 seconds, dealing 20/25/30/35/40% more damage, stealing life equal to this bonus damage and moving 15% faster. While this is active, the wolf's eyes glow red and blood drips from its teeth. # E - Spring Trap >* Has 2 charges >* Charge cooldown 25/23/21/19/17 seconds >* Costs 70/75/80/85/90 mana > >Hauron places a trap built out of bent branches and vines at a nearby location. The trap gains *Stealth* and arms itself when no enemies are within 600 units for 3 seconds, but loses *Stealth* when an enemy approaches within 200 units. It lasts for 120 seconds and up to 3 traps can exist at any time. Casting this ability does not break *Stealth*. > >The trap will not trigger if it is not yet armed. > >When an enemy triggers the trap, the trees spring back up and the victim is flung airborne for 0.5 seconds, then dangles upside down for up to 1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7 seconds. This counts as a root, preventing movement but not attacking or casting. The trapped victim may auto attack the trap to break free, destroying it in 2 auto attacks. The trap deals no damage, but applies *Hunter's Quarry* until the victim breaks free. > >**Woden follow-up: Fetch Command (cast *E* again while an enemy champion is caught in the trap)** >Commands Woden to leap as a ghost wolf at the victim, regardless of distance, dealing 40/70/100/130/160 (+100% bonus AD) physical damage. Woden then pulls the victim 450 units towards Hauron and holds on with his teeth until the victim breaks free. Afterwards, Woden leaps back to Hauron's feet. If Woden is slain before the victim breaks free, the trap snaps back and the pull is undone. # R - Hunter's Henge >Hauron summons a primitive woodland shrine at a target location that must be located in unpathable terrain. The shrine includes a bright fire and is visible in fog of war regardless of where it is placed. It lasts for 15 seconds and emits an aura with a radius of 1000 units, indicated by a circle of faint whirling winds. When Hauron is within the aura, Woden gains 10/15/20% increased basic attack damage and each of his abilities is improved as follows: > >* **Forest Grim -> Shrine Grim**: Woden is invulnerable for 1.5 seconds after a Command is used. >* **Deadwood Arrow -> Ravenwood Arrow**: The empowered auto attack is now global. If you use it to attack beyond your normal attack range, it cannot crit. >* **Forest Stride -> Silent Stride**: While Hauron is in the treetops, he gains *Stealth* when not attacking for 1.5 seconds. Despite being invisible, a trail of glowing leaves appears when Hauron moves, revealing his position. The trail fades after standing still for 1 second. >* **Spring Trap -> Living Trap**: Can now be cast directly on an enemy champion to summon animated branches and vines that trap the target after a 0.75 second delay. Cannot be cast on a target that is already trapped. > >The shrine has 300/600/900 health and can be destroyed, but its position inside unpathable terrain makes it difficult for enemies to reach. # Hidden passive - If The Face Plays Taunt >When Woden is attacking an enemy champion, taunts cast on him by other enemy champions have their duration reduced by 0.1 seconds. **Champion stats** > Health: 475 (+80) > Health regeneration: 5.25 (+0.5) > Mana: 275 (+30) > Mana regeneration: 6.75 (+0.5) > > Attack damage: 59 (+2.25) > Attack speed: 0.65 (+2.75%) > Attack range: 575 > > Armor: 20 (+3.15) > Magic resist: 30 > > Movement speed: 340 --- --- --- ># Quotes **Upon selection** >* Ill met by moonlight. **Attacking** >* You have been chosen. >* A worthy quarry. >* Run for your life. >* Return to the earth. >* From death springs life. >* I prune the dead. >* A sacrifice to nature. >* Cursed be. **Movement** >* Civilisation fears me. >* Heir to the hunt. >* This is my kingdom. >* I walk behind the lanes. >* The hunt is on. >* The wind whispers my name. **Pet commands** >* (Hold) Hold! >* (Hold) Intercept! >* (Hold) Trip! >* (Kill) Kill! >* (Kill) Attack! >* (Kill) Strike! >* (Fetch) Fetch! >* (Fetch) Bite! >* (Fetch) Teeth! **Joke** >* Stag party at their nexus, team! **Taunt** >* Are you game for a hunting party? --- --- --- ># CCOS Review >I reviewed [Martin, the Last Chance](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Z5H8Ezvb-champion-concept-martin-the-last-chance-updated).
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