fiddlestick rework i hope ppl and love it and let the devs do this

so fiddlestick didnt got change almost at in the last few years and i think his kit is too old dated so i tought about his kit and how to change it passive: fiddle gets increased movespeed towards enemys that doesnt sees him in a large area around him q: terrify - is tottaly changed fiddle will jump to the desired area do area damage and grow a wheat plants in that area (the area which cover with the wheat will give him move speed) in addition if fiddle wasnt seen in the last 2 seconds then fiddle will also fear in that area. w: drain in changed a bit and now the area that is drained is all around him and he can move and auto attack while draining. in addition if fiddle has full life he gains a shield instead the shield doesnt fade and gives him armor (not huge shield like 80-300 at level 18) u can see the shield on fiddle. the shield it self is like the flash and bones of the enemies and monsters he drained life from that will give him a more teriffying look. e: drak wind is now a skill shot that slows and silences the enemy champions it will jump to nearby enemys only 3 times but you can hit more then one enemy with the skill. r: the r in a new skill called harvest fiddle sythe becomes really big now the his auto attacks do large aoe dmg infront of him heals him and slows the enemys he can do only 5 attacks if an enemy got hit by atleast 3 attacks he gets rooted feared for 1-2-3 secs

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