New type of queud to reduce toxicity

I would really like a new game mode (queud) Called Back-Up! Here is the concept!! 1 of the biggest problem with that game is the fact bunch of trolls ruin it and make it really unpleasant to play and even more unpleasant those (autosencored insults) Always refuse to F word'ing Surrender and make you loose a god damn bunch of your life time for a F word'ing game you already lost just cause feeders always refuse to surrender (they cant win without getting carried cause they S word at this game) so they over exentend a game that you already lost in the 5 first minutes into a god damn 1 hour of your precious life lost (and if you leave or afk then your the 1 getting banned, Personnally this is the most r%%%%%ed thing a video game compagny ever made sorry RIOT) this is really the thing that induce the most rage into me I can bare getting 3 feeders and an afk in my team but I just cant stand that those F word'ing feeders refuse to surrender and make me loose 45 more minutes of my precious life time I would rather spend with better players or just doing something else, just cause I dont want to get banned!! So here is my 2 idea's to make this game way less toxic Back-Up queud : Just remove the leaver buster from the game and put a new queud system in the game that would allow players to enter an already started game were somebody left the game. To queud for Back-Up you must get no chat restriction and no ban this season (would keep a better environment for the other players in game if the new guy that join them isnt a rager/flammer). To make good sportmanship players using the Back-Up queud its easy just put some specials reward that could be gotten only VIA this game mode (half the Ip won in RP, some discount in RIOT shop, a special skin at the end of season if they played X or more Back-Up game this season, etc(those are just ideas)) it would both please the guys like me that just dont feel like wasting their time for a loose or a game they dont have fun in, The F word'ing feeders that have a better chance of getting carried by a sportmanlike player, and the players that love to help others and always looking for special rewards!! And who know if that idea really work after a certain time you could even put some kind of kicking system in game so 4 players (and only if the **4** players agreed) could just kick a troll from a game to get a benched player. Feeder buster : why dont you just put some new system to just get the intentionnal feeders banned? I know everybody can have bad games and its alright but being 0-17-0 isnt having a god damn bad gam,e its just pure F word'ing intentionnal feeding and sadly those F word'ing trolls never get banned of the game they make fun of ruining, You should put a system with very high ratio so people having a bad gam dont get banned for no reasons but intentionnal feeders Get banned. Something like -10 KDA would be awesome ( I mean if you cant even get 1 kill or simply 1 little asist for 9 death WHY THE F word ARE YOU PLAYING!!!!! ) those 2 things complete my ideas about how I would do to remove some of the toxicity in the game Thx a lot for reading.
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