Elementalist Aphelios

This guy probably will rarely get skin and they'll have to be moneypowerhouse given the work that would be put into him, so I figured when they do make skin for him, they might as well fully commit and elements would make perfect sense for him, changing dynamically with the weapon he holds **The Cosmic Rifle: **Shoots starline, Q shoots comet, R shoots moon that explodes with moonlight and reveals starline image of Celestial Dragon Alune **The Aquatic Pistol: **Slashes with water splash, R shoots water ball that splashes area and reveals water-wave-effect image of Water Dragon Alune **The Earthen Canon:** Attacks leave flying rocks around the slowed target, Q creates rock prison around their feet, R shoots boulder that shatters into area revealing dusty image of Earth Dragon Alune **The Infernal Flamethrower:** Attacks and Q engulf area in flames, R shoots fireball that first blasts with flames then with smog and reveals shimmering image of Fire Dragon Alune **The Zephyr Chakram:** Similar to Janna basic attacks, throws transparent windy wings, copies form tornado around Aphelios, Q creates Wind Elemental holding the secondary weapon, R fires windblast that gusts area revealing foggy image of Cloud Dragon Alune **EDIT - Alternative themes to match colors:** > Most likely his weapons are going to have to retain their original color. Same with Qiyana where it has to be very clear what they are using at that time. So ice/water might make sense for the flamethrower simply for gameplay clarity. The original suggestion was supposed to best match the effect of Elemental Dragon and/or theme. Should the colors need match: The Glacial Rifle, The Infernal Pistol, The Cosmic Canon (dark star-esque feel, cosmos as umbrella element feels beter than void), The Aquatic Pistol, The Zephyr Chakram.

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