Memorial Dialogue for our passed friend, RIP

Yorktown teen from fatal stump grinder accident identified
HARTFORD CITY - A Yorktown teenager was killed Saturday in a work-related accident in Blackford County. Cody Bronnenberg, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene - a property along Blackford County Road 200-N east of Ind. 3 - by Blackford County Coroner Tod Waters.
So, me and my group of friends had a very important friend that was an extremely dedicated League of Legends player, and all he wanted was to achieve the Gold rank. He played Riven relentlessly, attempting to master her, and other various champions like Yasuo. He was extremely determined, and he recently died in a terrible work related accident where he was sucked into a tree stump grinder. His favorite skin was Redeemed Riven, and every time he made a flashy play he would say "That's me baby." Is there any way Riot that we could get this dialogue in the game in his memory? Please Riot it would mean alot.
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