1350 + Trundle/Cassio Skins (?)

Heyo. Just wanted to share with u my - and possible some others - opinions/ideas and discuss about some better and more complex skins for almost forgotten Cassio and Trundle. (And yes, i know Trundle got oen new, but not what some guys expected to be - a more elaborate and stand-alone Skin) ______________________________ So here are some ideas: [btw im not a very good at art, but if the feedback is enough, i can do some pencil-stuff* and much better artists can maybe make something out of it.] pencil-stuff* = just drawings nothing special - Some may repeat - **Trundle:** {{champion:48}} * Warmonger Trundle * Infernal/ Scorched Earth Trundle * Prehistoric Trundle * Elderwood Trundle **Cassio:** {{champion:69}} * Void-Queen/Tyrant/Count Cassio * Infernal Cassio * Elderwood Cassio * Demonic/Succubus Cassio * Vampire-Count Cassio More Ideas? How do u like them? (Maybe one each could make it some time into the game) Cheers {{summoner:30}}

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