Riot should radically change the Runes system for 5 reasons...

Hello. I've been playing League of Legends for about a year now, and I thought I'd share some ideas I've had. When I first started playing, everything of course seemed confusing, especially the profile page. Over time however, I learned what everything means. I remember seeing the Masteries and thinking "Ok I see how this is supposed to work, very straight forward and simple". Simple here is the key word. I liked that you could just rearrange which masteries you use very easily, and for free of course. Now the Runes page was a completely different story. To be honest, it looked stupid and too confusing at first, so I didn't even bother with it. I remember asking several people about it at first, and many said they didn't even bother with it themselves. Some said it isn't worth it until you have a lot of IP. This is why I want to stress simplicity so much, because players, and especially new ones, really like a system that is simple. Don't get me wrong, most of what Riot has done with League of Legends is very good, so I know they can change the Runes system as well. It would be a huge benefit to themselves and for the players as well. Well, I have basically 5 ideas on how Runes should be changed, to make it simpler: 1. Get rid of all the names "marks" "glyphs" "seals" "quintessences", and replace them with just 4 simple categories with colors: (1) Attack - red , (2) Defense - yellow, (3) Ability - blue, (4) General - purple. The attack category would just have attack based runes: Attack Dmg, Critical Strike, Attack Spd, etc. The Defense category would focus on health/armor: Health Regen, Armor, Magic Resist, etc. The Ability category would focus on ability and magic: Ability Power, Mana Regen, etc. Lastly, the General category would have what the name suggests, general bonuses: Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, Gold, Experience, etc. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep things simple. 2. Remove the Tiers. It is just unnecessary, plain and simple. The better runes would just cost more IP, simple as that. No need to complicate things with "tiers". And the combining feature seems stupid. 3. Have only a maximum of 16 Runes, 4 per category (Attack, Defense, Ability, General). No point in making 30 runes that each don't do too much. Instead, have 16 Runes, with each one giving a good bonus. For example, instead of 9 Runes that add 2 AD per rune, just have 4 Runes that add 4.5 AD. Same thing, just each Rune now is more meaningful. 4. Add an option to refund unwanted Runes. Its only fair that if you buy several runes, and maybe buy one or two you don't, that you should be able to sell them. If not for 100% refund, at least 50%. Seems fair enough. The combining feature that they have isn't worth it, you have to combine several runes, and even then you get random runes. Seems a little bit ridiculous if you ask me. 5. Buff all the Runes to make the game more fair. It really sucks to play against another player, knowing you can beat him/her early game, only to find out that it has more Rune bonuses that you. I understand that some champions really need some Runes to make them viable early game, but if that's the case, just buff those champions. It seems like some champions are purposefully made weak, so that they must use Runes to make them worthwhile. The point of the game is to have fun. When you add thousands of combinations for runes and such, it gets too ridiculous. People get too focused on which runes to use, and miss out on just playing the game, fairly. I really hope Riot takes notice of this. I'm sure many others feel like the current Runes system has some flaws. I don't write out my thoughts like this, but I felt I needed to. Anyways, thank you Riot for this great game. Hope you consider changing the Runes system, maybe just for a fan as myself. Let me know what you guys think as well.
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