Schrödinger's Bush Experiment

Here's Schrödinger's Bush experiment: We send a living ADC into a bush, There is a {{champion:35}} on the enemy team. If there is no {{item:2043}} inside the bush it is impossible to know if there is or isnt a {{champion:35}} inside the bush. Now because there is no ward in said bush this is proof positive the ADC's team is a bunch of bronzies which means the mini map is all but deactivated and they have no knowledge of the state of the ADC. Should the ADC take a single step into the bush, the team therefore cannot know whether or not there was a {{champion:35}}, and therefore cannot know the status of the ADC. Since they cannot know, according to quantum law, every bush has and hasn't a {{champion:35}} in it which means the ADC is both dead and alive, in what is called a superposition of states. It is only when we face check the bush (because bronzies dont ward) and learn the condition of the ADC that the superposition is lost, and the ADC becomes one or the other (dead or alive). How ever, the question still remains whether or not there is a {{champion:35}} in the bush and thus starts the entire paradox over again. This situation is sometimes called multi-quantum-jester-position-indeterminacy or the observer's paradox: the observation or measurement itself affects an outcome, so that the outcome as such does not exist unless the measurement is made. (That is, there is no single outcome unless it is observed and even when it is, it isnt.) I deserve an Award

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