Champion Concept: Etri, The Winds Howl

Etri is a unique high damage ADC hailing from the Frejord. With a mythical boomerang in hand, Etri is ready to take on any challenge in the way of her War Mother Sejuani. Stats: Average mov speed Average hit box Average adc stats, except for her attack speed which will be exceptionally low long attack range Passive: Kestrel: Etri's passive shares its name with her boomerang. Kestrel is a uniqe iceborn boomerang that always finds its way back to its wielder. And because of this, it has a few unique properties. First, when etri auto attacks shes throws kestrel at an enemy, dealing a portion of the damage to all enemy units caught in between, returning to her after hitting its original target. Second, Etri starts out the game with only one kestrel. Third, Etri can only attack if she has kestrel on her. Meaning that if she has thrown out all of her kestrels she can't auto attack at all until she gets atleast one back Fourth, Etri does not benefit from attack speed at all, due to the fact that she will always throw out kestrel if given the chance. Instead, Attack speed increases Kestrel's flight speed Fifth, If she crits all enemies caught in kestrels flight path will also take bonus crit damage Q:the flip: Etri performs a short low cooldown flip in a target direction, and increases Kestrels flight speed back to herself. After completing the flip her next auto attack will be enhanced W:Skate: Passive: Whenever Etri hits an enemy champion with an auto attack she quickly creates true ice skates and gains a small momentary burst of movement, which stops when she takes damage or when kestrel returns to her hand. Active:Etri coats herself in an icey armor that reduces all incoming damage for a few seconds. It's duration is based on her armor stat E:Howler Toss: Etri pulls a giant boomerang called a howler off her back and lobs it in a target direction. The howler then slows and deals physical damage any enemies it hits. when it reaches max distance it will hang in the air briefly, any enemies caught in it while it is hanging in the air tak extra damage and are slowed again. After that the howler goes flying back from where etri threw, knocking up and damaging any enemiees hit. If etri is able to cathc the howler she lowers the cooldown by 50%, otherwise the howler has an exceptionally long cooldown timer. R: Shatter and Juggle: Etri smashes her howler to pieces and acquires extra Kestrels, based on the level of her ult. She loses the ability to cast howler toss but in return, she can now auto attack extra times. While attacking with these extra kestrels she has an attack speed of 2.0, which cannot be improved in any way. Her skate passive also does not disappear when taking damage. After the duration on shatter and juggle ends her howler reforms and she is back to only one Kestrel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lore Orphaned at a young age the iceborn known as etri, Survived in the wild winters of the frejord by herself with only her fathers boomerang at her side. Even for iceborn wielding true ice is a rare and valuable skill, that not all can handle even in adulthood. For Etri it was like breathing. When Sejuani Found her Etri was shriveled and weak, sruving off the kills of larger predators, but the war mother saw a fire in her eyes and took her under her wing and trained her in the ways of combat. Etri now swears her complete and total loyalty to Sejuani, working as her ears and eyes Etri will stop at nothing to see the proper queen of the frejord take her throne. Voice lines: joke: what you got a **COLD SHOULDER?** **ICE** to meet you Let's go ahead and break the **ICE** I think you just need to **CHILL** It's cold out side just thought i'd let you **SNOW** don't **FLAKE** on me now im gonna **FLAKE** your legs i don't do **SNOW** and tell **ICE PUN** Joking while in vicinity of sejunai: I'm sorry miss sejuani i won't do it again Taunt: You wouldn't survive 5 seconds in the frejord Taunting ezreal Your pretty face wouldn't survive 4 seconds in the frejord Meeting ornn Ornn! My father use to tell stories of you, he even said he got this boomerang from one of your followers Great ram, I know your loss You are the fire below the mountains, but I am the fire above the ice Meeting anivia Good morrow to you winter mother Meeting volibear May my weapons howl as your storms and let them strike like your lightning Meeting ally Braum Braum! come meet my warmother, you would make her a fine oathsworn My father use to tell me your stories, tell me did you really lift a mountain in search of you rgoat? Meeting enemy braum I guess even hero's falter I regret doing this Line to sejuani Step on me mommy For you I will always follow Crush my head between your rock hard thighs You saved me from the cold, and for that i give you my everything Smash my head on your true ice abs I trust no one but you
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