New Marksman item only

I want to suggest some items exclusively for the marksman role only. Basically when ever new item get release it can be abuse by other champion and that create a balance issue in game for example that new suggest ie can be utilize by champion like yasuo and gain a huge power boost. ----------- **Blood Taker Blade** {{item:1038}} +{{item:3086}} +{{item:1053}} 3600 +70 adc 20% as 20% crit 20% lifesteal Passive: 10% movement speed Passive: Gain 1 ad for every 100 health healed to a max stack of 30. This effect decay after 30sec of not doing damage. ------------- **Zenmark Striker ** {{item:3035}} + {{item:1043}} 2500 40 ad 35 as Passive: Last whisper: 25% armor pen Passive: Focus: basic attack deal 5 bonus magic damage per stack on an enemy. Max stack (6) ----------------- **Stonebreaker ** +{{item:3044}} +{{item:1037}}+ {{item:3133}} 3300 60ad 15% cooldown 300 health Passive: same passive has phage Active: Slight knock back of champion infront that lower there armor/ms by 10% for 3 sec.

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