Wukong kit update concepts

Hello, today I'm talking about some ideas for changes to Wukong's kit. The main goal with these Ideas was to pretty much modernize Wukong's kit by doing the following: - keep some of the core aspects of Wukong and his kit - Make Wukong's abilities more interactive with the rest of his kit, the player and enemy players - raising his skill ceiling without raising his skill floor too much. At his heart he is a noob friendly champ, but that shouldn't mean he can't have some mastery to really show the difference between a casual Wukong player and a Wukong main - Giving more versatility to go along with Riots current goals for Champs and laning as a whole as stated by [ Meddler in his last post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/7VOAaqsF-quick-gameplay-thoughts-january-24) While going through the concepts, please keep these things in mind: >These concepts, while they do fit together (the Passive and Q for example), are not me saying Wukong's entire kit needs to be reworked. Each concept is an idea of how to improve that part of Wukong's kit if Riot were to focus on that for his future update. I just wanted to cover all bases till Riot mentions what they would be looking at changing on Wukong's kit. > Each concept would likely involve larger changes to Wukong's base stats and other parts of his Kit. I'm not sure how exactly each change would have to affect his base stats, but I will try to go over what changes each concept would have on the rest of his kit to the best of my ability. >I mostly tried to avoid giving exact numbers outside of areas where I feel they are needed to give a basic idea what that ability would look like. Any numbers given are to be taken with a grain of salt and anything not given solid numbers, assume they are using realistic and not some insane amount. Anything that looks like a blatant buff would come with nerfs in other areas where he could stand to lose power (looking at you lvl 2-3 Ult). >Feel free to come up with adjustments of your own to these and share them. I've gone through a lot of versions of each ability before settling on what I have here and would love to see others takes on these and even your own concepts. >Below each ability I have highlights and goals. Highlights are talking about what I think are key features that I should give insight to and the goals are an overview of what I wanted to accomplish for each ability. > Most of the changes here make Wukong more single target focused, which should be expected even after he gets updated. Weather you play him Assassin or Diver, both classes have a goal of singling out a high priory target and removing them from the equation as what Riot calls "Anti-Carries". http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UTdZC5f7dB0/VCCR_h1fPAI/AAAAAAAAZcA/bH5qv021ucM/s1600/wukong%2Brides%2Bagain.jpg --- >**Passive**- Shimon Fortitude: Wukong gains 4/5/6 Armor and MR (maxing out at 40/50/60) when dealing physical damage to an enemy champion or large monster, while reducing their Armor by 2.5%/5%/7.5% (maxing out at 20%/25%/30%). This resets when Wukong leaves combat. **Goal**: My goal with this was to update Wukong's passive in a way that made it more interactive, but also made it more useful during the laning phase. One of the things that I think makes Wukong unique is that he doesn't have sustain or shielding to rely on and only has is durability from his passive and clones to keep him safe when initiating, which I wanted to preserve. - Highlights- **Max Armor/MR**: Currently Wukong's passive is almost non-existent during his laning phase and can only reach its full capability against 5 enemy champs. With this change Wukong can make use of his passive no matter how many enemies are near him. The numbers here are based around the idea of dealing 10 ticks of physical damage to reach the full amount instead of needing to be around 5 enemies. **Jungling potential**: Something else that I kept in mind was that Wukong's kit was made before Jungling became a staple part of the game. Since then, Wukong has been seen as a jungler, but it has generally been less effective than playing him top lane since most other Junglers have mechanics to help them there, such as sustain or shields. This is where the addition of the large monsters comes into play. By adding that, Wukong may not have sustain to work with like most other Junglers, but he will gain durability as he fights monster camps. **Armor reduction**: The Armor reduction would be taken out of his Q and added to his passive, but also made to work more like {{item:3071}}'s Armor pen so it’s not an instant armor reduction on hit. By doing this, it would free up an option to give his Q power in other ways, including extra empowered attacks, more range given with his Q or just doubling the amount of Armor shred he would give an enemy then normal. **Possible Visual Effects**: This change could also bring in a Visual Effect to show that Wukong has maxed out his passive via glowing armor or something in that regard. This concept could be translated into his skins with different visuals to make each one really stand out. --- >Q- Crushing Blows Wukong's next 3 basic attacks have increased range and deal bonus damage. If all 3 attacks are used on a single enemy champion or Large monster, the buffs last for an extra 5 seconds **Goal**: Wukong's current Q is a very basic single hit empowered attack. It's a concept that has been used with at least two other champs now and generally feel more useful. With this change, it keeps the "empowered attack" aspect of his current Q and expands upon the idea of Wukong's staff being able to extend. Pretty much it works the same as Wukong's current Q, but with the 3 empowered attacks with a situational 5 second bonus. - Highlights- **3 hit buff into a 5 second buff**: two things we've seen in the game countless times are 3 hit and short duration effects. They are pretty much the bread and butter of old champ kits With this it takes both of those and combines them into a 3 hit buff with a reward for proper utilization in the form of a bonus duration. **Reward for focusing one target**: Weather you play Wukong as a Diver or Assassin, his role is pretty much picking out a high value target and eliminating them. With this it gives him his a reward for sticking to a single target instead of trying to fight everyone at once, both as a learning tool for new players and to add some skill expression for veterans. **Armor reduction removal**: due to the possible buff to his Q (more instances of increased damage. even if it was less damage then his current Q, it could still end up being an overall buff), I felt I needed to take a bit of power out in order to keep it in check. As such I decided it would be best to remove the on-hit Armor reduction. One thing I did think about was trading the bonus damage for the armor reduction that I have in the passive ability, but I wasn't sure how well that would go over. If you prefer the armor reduction over the damage, feel free to exchange the two. ---- >W- Decoy **Passive**: Wukong gains decoy stacks after every 5 basic attacks (3 max) **Active**: Wukong throws smoke poppies on the ground, creating a cloud of smoke around him and creating a clone randomly within the cloud for every stack he had (clones will not move while in cloud). While in the cloud, Wukong and his decoys are stealthed for 1.5 seconds. Afterwards, Wukong's decoys will attack the nearest target to them or the first enemy champion to attack them for 3 seconds before vanishing. Decoys will also visually mimic Wukong's Q when the Real Wukong activates it. **Goal**: This one I had a few things that I was looking to do. I wanted to give Wukong a unique decoy mechanic unlike Leblanc or Shaco, keep the general aspect of what already exists to the best of my ability and try to tie it a *bit* into Wukong's current lore, minus removing the clones entirely as they are something that makes Wukong Wukong. - Highlights- **Smoke poppies**- These are from [Wukong's current lore](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/monkeyking/) . While it does concern me about the state of Wukong's clone ability in the lore, it did offer an in-game explanation to his stealth. By keeping that in mind, it felt right to make it work like Akali's stealth, giving an AOE of stealth rather than just making Wukong invisible (a cloud of smoke instead of just turning invisible). To me I think it offers the best of both worlds. Wukong can still have a stealth mechanic but makes his stealth aspect more readable. With Wukong being classified as a diver, his escape tools should be limited and this change would deliver on that without taking away from how the stealth that allows him to reposition in a fight. **Multiple clones**- Sun Wukong in has always been known as a character who can make multiple clones and our Wukong is no exception as the clones on his E technically count as two clones. The clones within the cloud spawn in random locations within the AOE as to make people unsure of which one is real and to keep the concept of Wukong's clones acting as a meat shield against enemy singe target abilities. **Clone stacks** - with Wukong having access to multiple clones I thought it would be important to give a condition to keep him from relying on the decoys to attack his enemies. With this, you can use his Decoy for just the stealth aspect if you want or you can save it to stack up decoys and get the most out of the ability you can. **AD instead of AP** - Since the clones actual actually attacking physically instead of doing a "magic" spin, they would deal damage based on a % of Wukong's AD. The AP scaling with his Decoy is a bit of an odd ball mechanic that doesn't serve much of a purpose outside of "doing non-physical damage". With this change, it allows for Wukong's decoys to scale along with the rest of his kit instead of being gated by a stat he doesn't build. **less of an advantage for ranged champs**- Wukong's decoys currently provide a bit of safety for a ranged champ to deal with it, as they can just stay out of range of the decoys spin, making there be hardly any punishment for a ranged champ to attack it aside from looking a little silly. With this change, if a ranged champ attacks a clone, they will be targeted by the decoy just like any other champ. --- >E- Nimbus Wukong Summons his Nimbus, damaging any enemies in its path toward Wukong. If Wukong recasts E right as the cloud is within range of him, Wukong will jump onto the Nimbus. while riding the Nimbus, Wukong is unable to use his decoy but gains bonus MS while moving toward an enemy target. If Wukong is CC'd, he will instead be knocked off the Nimbus, removing his bonus MS and ending the ability. Wukong can also recast this ability on his Nimbus to dash to a nearby targeted enemy, dealing damage and also ending the ability. **Goals**: The change here is essentially combining aspects of Ornn’s Ult, Wukong's current E and Radiant Wukong's homeguard. I wanted to figure out something for Wukong to use his E in a way that made it wasn't as much of a point and click ability, utilized the cloud more and quite frankly something to give each of Wukong's skins something that could be unique for each of them. Then I thought about how Ornn's Ult worked, where his goat would run to him and if he timed it right, he could hit it back in another direction and thought that would work pretty well for Wukong and his cloud. - Highlights- **2 instances of damage** - This split the damage of Wukong's current E in half into two instances of damage. Half on contact with an enemy going toward Wukong, half dashing to a target. Damage wise I'd say both instances **together** would do the same amount of damage as his current E, but I'm honestly unsure if the damage should just be split in half evenly or if one instance should do more damage than the other. **MS moving toward an enemy champ**- This was to give a use to Wukong being on the cloud, but also to keep it from being used to out run enemy champs. Generally, it feels like it would make sense for Wukong to move faster while on his cloud rather then it being a purely cosmetic change. **single CC immunity while on cloud**- This is both used to counter him using his cloud and a way to give him a reason to stay on the cloud outside of being able to move faster toward an enemy. If Wukong could just be CC'd on the cloud, then he'd just be able to continue moving with the bonus MS after it ends. On top of that while it shouldn't be a good escape tool, it could at least be used creatively to protect himself from an enemy CC when running away. As for it how it would work with {{item:3814}}, I feel that its best that it shouldn't. This would likely mean that activating Edge of night with Nimbus would not work and give priority to Nimbus Strike. **Visual Variety to Wukong's skins** - currently there is very little difference to Wukong's skins, but this idea would change that. The cloud could take on different appearances depending on the skin. for example: >Volcanic Wukong- replaced with a fire ball Jade Dragon Wukong- replaced with a Jade Dragon Underworld Wukong- Rides a cloud of the black mist Radiant Wukong - his Homeguard Cloud, but with more effects, maybe a faint glow to tell them apart General Wukong- a Grey or silver cloud rather than a white one with his base skin ** Attack speed removal** - This version of his E removes his bonus Attack Speed he gets after using his current E. This was done because I thought it would have too much power if it stayed and honestly not a lot of Wukong players I know of care for it. **Other possible changes** - One idea I had was for his Decoy to interact with the E by becoming having his Decoy a skill shot while on his cloud, being able to fire it in a direction and create a clone that would travel in that direction for a specific amount of time before vanishing, but like the Attack speed, I felt it would add too much extra power with what's already there and left it out. --- >R- Cyclone (Mostly unchanged) EFFECT RADIUS: 162.5 > **125** Base Damage per second: 60/110/200 > **80/120/160** **Goal**: This change, unlike the others, was made with the idea of moving power from Wukong's lvl 3 Ult and spreading it to his lvl 1 Ult and to the rest of his kit. Overall it would be a nerf to his ult but would be compensated by giving an equivalent buff to a different part of his kit. - highlights- **Reduced Range**: While the shorter range would be less effective against a full team, it would make his Ult more about picking out a single target, focusing on them, then using the knock up to prevent the enemies team from being able to immediately assist your target. **More Damage early, less damage later**: This one is pretty straight forward. The base damage on Wukong's level 2 and 3 Ults is a huge jump in damage compared to his lvl 1 Ult. This change tries to spread the base damage more evenly for each level. **Other possible changes**: One thing I looked at was maybe increasing the amount of ticks per damage. What this means is, for example, instead of doing 80+ damage per second at lvl 1, it would do 40+ damage every half second. I wasn't too sure about adding it because while it would make his knock up more reliable, it would also technically be a buff to the effectiveness of {{item:3071}} and {{item:3812}}, especially if used with the Passive change above. Since my goal with this change was take power out of his ult and spread it out through his kit, I decided to not add it. If enough people are okay with it, I could add it in. ---- Those are all my concepts for Wukong's kit. If anyone wants to share your own ideas or questions about certain mechanics and how they would work, feel free to share them in the comments. Thank you and have a great day. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-MBVSzIKX4_M/TiZYes4__JI/AAAAAAAAAFI/HqzF7AZWWbk/s1600/wukong-monkey-king-sneak-peek_600x300.jpg
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