Anyone noticed how Morde's new helmet seems to resamble the noxian crest? It may not seem to be all that close at first, but if you actually look at the side horns they are bend in a similar way and are of the same size. The top pillars in the middle have also found their way into the new helmet, but instead on the back of the helmet - the two plates wrapped on the back of his helmet. And also if my predictions are correct and the in-game model will be a more closed helmet, then even the eyes and the lower pillars in the noxian crest are accurate. I am looking forward to seeing if the final version will look even more like the crest. I would personally really love it if it was the case. Noxus was built on the ruins of Morde's empire and it has adopted many aspects of him. The crest itself symbolises the trifarix - the eyes represent **vision**, the pillars represent **might**, and the blades represent **guile** - and who, if not Mordekaiser, represents all of these qualities best?
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