Rha'Quel, Justiciar of the Void

**Bio** How long had it been? Days? Years? Millenia? To an immortal, time matters naught. To this immortal, justice is the _only_ thing matters. Born unto fair parents within the kingdom of the immortals, that same kingdom which would host the clash of Morgana and Kayle in the distant future, Rha’Quel’s true name is long forgotten. Though once a shining emblem of what his people stood for, Rha’Quel now exists as a single-minded, extreme version of those same beliefs. All judgement must be swift, unbiased, and absolute. None shall evade judgement. All must be purified. **Backstory** Beaten and broken, Ceric struggled back to his feet in defiance. Weak as he was, he could not allow such injustice to continue while he still drew breath. “Back off, kid. You know there’s no way you win this fight. I just want that nice, shiny rock of his, and I’ll be on my way.” The thug referred to the youth cowering in Ceric’s shadow, desperately clutching a parcel to his chest as though his very life depended on it. Ceric grimaced as he stood, raising his fists in a vain attempt to defend himself. Driven as he was, he’d always been on the small side; agile, but fragile, of little use in a fair fight. Despite this, he refused to act otherwise. Only the craven utilized subterfuge, and Ceric was no coward. Wiping a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, Ceric locked eyes with the lowlife. “Do.. your worst... fool,” he uttered, coughing further blood as he spoke. The thug sighed; honor exists even among thieves, and there was none in bringing further harm to this beaten man. Pushing past Ceric with little effort, the thug advanced, his hand outstretched; wrenching the parcel from the youth’s desperate grasp, he fled quickly into the forest Try as Ceric might to stop him, the force of will alone was insufficient to push his failing body forward. As the thug ran, Ceric’s knees grew weak, giving way as he slipped into unconsciousness. Fifteen years later, Ceric had become more grand in form; inside, however, he was still the same man, a strict adherent to his honor and a vigilant dispenser of justice. Selfless and unbiased, Ceric’s brand of justice meant he was always out to protect those weaker than himself, a group that now encompassed nearly all he surveyed. To better serve this cause, Ceric enlisted as a member of the Divine Justiciars, an elite unit of immortal warriors dedicated to the maintenance of peace and swift delivery of justice to those who would seek to upset it, rising through the ranks as he continued to serve with distinction. Eventually, through tireless work, he achieved the post of Garrison Commander, serving as an advisor to the Immortal King and leader of the Justiciars. Revered as he was by the common man, Ceric earned his fair share of detractors as he grew. His power now fully realized, Ceric inspired jealousy among lesser men, none more than the Immortal King himself. Ceric, though less experienced, showed potential enough to perhaps dethrone him;. suffice to say, this did not sit well with the King. For months, Ceric served faithfully; for months, the King put on a pleasant facade, waiting for an opportunity to present itself. The arrival of the Void on Runeterra was just such an opportunity. With the fall of Icathia came an impetus to act. If this unknown entity had power enough to destroy an entire city, there was no telling what else it was capable of- or how it would act. Information was needed, and time was of the essence, yet all stood fearful and unwilling to act. All but Ceric. Daunting as this enemy was, Ceric would not defy the principles which had guided him for so long. This was an opportunity to serve his people and to save whatever remained of those in Icathia, to share his protection with the world at large, and even in the face of such great danger he was unable to refuse that opportunity. After a short briefing and an equally short round of goodbyes, Ceric departed the realm of the Immortals. Several days later, having made way to what was once Icathia, Ceric was horrified at what he found. Bodies, utterly destroyed. Contorted, snapped, _dissolved_. Wrenched into positions unbefitting of a humanoid form. Of those few that still drew breath, little truly remained. Husks, murmuring the same tired words, over and over again. The ground had split into gaping chasms, maws of corrupted earth ready to swallow all what dared cross their path. All far beyond the power of his healing. As he delved further, Ceric lost all sense of time and place. Further, further he walked, losing sight of the sky, the horizon, until all around him was a swirling purple-black echo of life which no mind was meant to bear witness to. Creatures of death and destruction moved grotesquely through the twisted scape, circling like vultures waiting for the demise of the interloper. Ceric could feel the strange realm at work. Acting around him, on him. Further and further he went, blindly, haplessly. He could not stop. He _would_ not stop. Before he realized it, this was all he knew. He could not stop. He must push forward. Whispers echoed in his mind, reverberating off the interior of his skull. _Go. Forward. Justice. Must be delivered._ And so he went. Without a name, an allegiance, fueled only by an indomitable will. _Onward. Justice. Go._ For the first time in ages, he unsheathed his sword. _Push. Forward. Protect. Punish._ One by one, he wrenched the creatures from the swirling haze that surrounded him. _More. Find. Justice._ One by one, he left a swath of destruction in his path. _Crush. Avenge._ How long had it been? Days? Years? Mllenia? To an immortal, time matters naught. To this immortal, justice was the _only_ thing that mattered. Justice was the only thing he remembered. After an unknown amount of time, Ceric came upon a force that even he could not conquer. Humbled as his mind was, he recognized defeat; the entity was too grand, too powerful for what remained of his strength. The entity was curious. Curious what creature could have possibly delved this far into the void, and survived. Curious what the mind of such a creature would hold. Curious, so _curious_ about this intriguing gnat which had somehow limped its way to his lair. With a slithering, corrupted, ichor-soaked tentacle, it touched his temple. _Fascinating_, the entity though. _There is so little left here, and yet, it stands. It walks, with purpose. This conviction… what an interesting specimen you are._ In a deep, distorted growl, the entity spoke, doing what it could to mimic the speech of world-dwellers. “You… interest me… fleshling…” “You… shall be my… experiment…” “You… shall be named… Rha’Quel…” “You… shall show me… the world… from whence... you came…” It was over in an instant. On the edge of Icathia, Rha’Quel awoke for the first time. His mind, reformed, now held thoughts only of brutal, unrelenting justice. Nothing remained beyond that. He was Rha’Quel, and he had come to deliver his judgement. Nothing would stop him, for his might flowed from the void; nothing would sway him, for his mind was truly pure. Only he could be trusted to be true, to act without bias. No longer was he a bastion of those immortal ideals he held so dear; no, he _was_ those ideals, formed of them as a human is flesh and bone. And he would be the one deliver this world from its folly. **Appearance** _You’ll have to excuse my lack of art here; I don’t have the materials or talent to put together a piece that would do this champion, erm, **justice**._ Rha’Quel always stands straight, even as he runs. He wears a full set of plate armor, similar in style to that which Kayle wears. His armor, however, is a deep charcoal gray in color, its edges singed by the void, colored a resonant purple. His form is akin to that of Garen or Darius; large, imposing, and muscular. His skin, where visible, is bleached and sallow. His face, when not covered by his helm, is gaunt and sunken, though clearly still _alive_; his eyes glow with the same purple tinge as the armor he wears, and his hair is black, shorn down to the scalp. His weapon of choice is a chain comprised of bright void energy, with a hanging plate at each end, giving it an appearance similar to the Scales of Justice. This weapon has a function similar to that of a flail, though may also serve as a bola. **Role & Stats** Role- Support/Bruiser HP: 581 (+ 83/lvl) HP Regen: 7.6 per 5 seconds (+ 0.7/lvl) Attack Damage: 63 (+ 2.5/lvl) Attack Speed: 0.63 (+ .033/lvl) Mana: 320 (+ 38/lvl) Mana Regen: 5.5 per 5 seconds (+ .9/lvl) Armor: 32 (+ 4/lvl) Magic Resist: 28 (+ 1.2/lvl) Attack Range: 425 Move Speed: 345 **Kit** _Passive:_ **Justice Unrelenting** When Rha’Quel lands a basic attack against a target, he marks it as the Accused. While marked as such, a target cannot hide from Rha’Quel’s justice; Rha’Quel is given true sight of the Accused. If the Accused gains True Invisibility (Akali), Rha’Quel cannot target the Accused with auto-attacks, but will still see a shimmering outline. This effect ceases 10/12/14/16/20 seconds (lvl 1/4/8/12/16) after the target is out of combat with Rha’Quel. The mark can only be applied while no target is already marked (cannot be transferred). _Q:_ **Detainment** Cost: 55/65/75/85/95 Mana Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 Seconds Range: 550 Units Skill Type: Linear Skillshot Rha’Quel throws his scales as a bola, rooting the first champion hit for 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9 seconds and dealing (55/75/95/115/135 + 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5% Rha’Quel Max HP) physical damage on impact (50% of damage is dealt to minions the skillshot passes through). While this ability is on cooldown, Rha’Quel’s basic attack range is reduced to 125 units. If Rha’Quel lands a basic attack against the target while it is still rooted, he sweeps his bola from beneath the target, stunning them for an additional 0.85/0.95/1.05/1.15/1.25 seconds. If he does not land an attack in this time or he misses the initial skillshot, the scales instead drop to the ground, and may be retrieved to restore his basic attack range (automatically restored when **Detainment** comes off cooldown). _W:_ **The Weight of Sin** Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 Mana Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 Seconds Range: 750 Units Skill Type: Circular Skillshot, Radius 75 units Rha’Quel peers into the soul of the lowest HP target hit, manifesting into its mind the true weight of its sins. A target affected by this ability is slowed by 15/20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds. If the target is marked as the Accused, Rha’Quel delves deeper, instilling true fear into his target. The slow instead begins at the same value, increasing by 7.5/12.5/17.5/22.5/27.5% over the duration; additionally, the target’s vision is instantly reduced to 750 units, decreasing to 300 units over the duration. _E:_ **Purification** Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 Seconds Range: 650 Units Skill Type: Linear Skillshot Rha’Quel unleashes a blast of purifying energy, bypassing minions and affecting the first champion, friend or foe, it hits. If the target hit is an ally, it is cleansed of all debuffs, and healed for (20/40/60/80/100 + 15% AP) HP. This heal is amplified by 50% per debuff affecting the target; for example, a slowed champion would heal for 30 HP at rank 1, but a slowed, grounded, blinded champion would heal for 50 HP at the same rank. If the target hit is an enemy, it is also cleansed of all debuffs, but takes (80/110/140/170/200 + 25% AP) magic damage. This damage is amplified by 75% for each debuff affecting the target; if the target hit is the Accused, the damage is instead amplified by 100% per debuff cleansed. _R:_ **Vessel of Judgement** Cost: 100/100/100 Mana Cooldown: 140/120/100 Seconds Range: 800 Units Skill Type: Targeted Rha’Quel chooses an ally to act as the righteous instrument of his justice. Imbued with the power of the void, this ally gains 10/15/20% damage reduction and 20/25/30% movement speed, decaying, for up to 4 seconds; during this time, the chosen ally also deals 10/12.5/15% increased damage to the Accused. During this time, Rha’Quel may reactivate Vessel of Judgement, slowing all enemies within 500 units of the vessel by 30/40/50% and ending the other effects early; if the Accused is hit by this ability, they are instead stunned for 1/1.5/2 seconds. If the spell is not reactivated after 4 seconds, its effects fade and the secondary effect is lost. **Playstyle** Rha’Quel has an extremely variable playstyle. Given that most of his abilities do not scale (well) with additional stats, it is better for Rha’Quel to build tank and utility items which allow him to control the flow of battle. His E, Purification, is a tradeoff which must be coordinated well when used on enemies; though it has high burst potential, it may cost Rha’Quel and his team a kill if used improperly. His Q, Detainment, is another high-risk, high-reward ability; done correctly, it allows for serious crowd control, but can hamper his efforts severely if he misses or overcommits to the secondary stun. His W allows for higher chase potential, but has a high cooldown so as to avoid the Nasus ‘Wither’ effect wherein the target never moves. Vessel of Judgement also requires some degree of coordination, but can be used to measurable effect in teamfights when done properly. Constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you see any typos, please let me know! _Edit 1:_ Reduced scaling root duration on Q.
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