Champions who are LONG overdue for a Skin.

Simple boards post today. Who is going without skins the longest. **2015** Kassadin-{{champion:38}} 1268 days. Mordekaiser{{champion:82}} (DUE FOR VGU) 1415 days. Rek'Sai {{champion:421}} 1379 days. Shaco{{champion:35}} 1415 days. Skarner {{champion:72}} 1439 days. Udyr{{champion:77}} 1465 days. Xerath{{champion:101}} 1439 days. Zilean{{champion:26}} 1425 days. **2016** Bard {{champion:432}} 868 Jayce {{champion:126}}868 Kalista {{champion:429}} 960 Karthus {{champion:30}} 868 Kindred {{champion:203}} 1044 MaoKai {{champion:57}} 877 Morgana {{champion:25}} 897 Nautilus {{champion:111}} 875 Nocturne {{champion:56}} 1065 Ryze {{champion:13}} 960 Shyvana {{champion:102}} 1044 Sion {{champion:14}} 1086 Taric {{champion:44}} 995 Trundle {{champion:48}} 875 Vel'Koz {{champion:161}} 1099 Volibear {{champion:106}} 1037 **2018** lux.{{champion:99}} 134(kappa) So this is just a simple list of the longest champs without skins and how could we forget the FanFavorite lux who has gone honestly too long if you've asked me. Just some information for you all. :) -Rek
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