League of Legends Champion Concept - Rae

League of Legends Champion Concept - Rae
So I had the pleasure of creating a champion for the game league of legends using programs I learned at Wentworth Institute of Technology for my senior thesis project. This project started with 3 months of research on top of other classes as well as anoth...
I chose to just post the link to my behance because the files for the pictures were all too large to just post on the thread. In game Quotes: Voice Exploration Ability activation quotes: Q - Dash forward -> “Coming in Hot!,” “Can’t Stop me now!,” “Comin at Chu!” W - Throwing Paint Bomb -> “Think Fast!,” “Wanna play catch?” E - After Each wall vault -> “Boing! Boing! Boing!,” “Welcome to the Fast Lane,” “Closing the Gap, 1, 2, 3, BOOM!!” R - In Mid air -> “Crater Time, Ka Booooooom!” Voice theme - 1. Comedic - 2. Serious - 3. Sly/Sinister In Game animation quotes: “Everyday is leg day” Taunt: “Can’t Catch me ‘C’” (Throws Card at the Ground) -> Only against Caitlyn “Now you see me? now all you see is red” (Flashy dash in a direction) “Double time” (Walks on air vertically) Joke: “sometimes these boots have minds of their own.” (Boots deactivate and put rae in a split) “When i zone out, all sorts of things happen” “What is with this league and malfunctions” Laugh: Not sure yet Dance: “Electric” slide (Literally) Smooth Criminal Shuffle in circles with electricity hitting the ground Break dance with electricity flying in arcs As she walk's - "I think i would rather wear heels, then these boots" - "These boots aren't made for walking" - "Sometimes you have to steal in plain sight" - "I'll electrify your life, One step at a time" On killing Vi - "Shouldn't have skipped leg day" On killing Caitlyn - "How do you still have your job, you can't even catch me" Statistics: Health: 493.5 (+85 per level) HPS: 6.725 (+0.08 per level) (Unique Resource/Passive) Hextech Battery : The Battery loses power from using abilities as well as activating the item to increase movement speed and attack speed. When using to move faster the battery will drain continuously. The item in inventory called Hextech battery can be upgraded for added stats and a unique passive. Starting battery power(100), max 400 power. Attack Dmg: 59.01 (+3.1 per Level) Armor: 30.3 (+3.6 per level) Attack Speed: 0.655 (+ 2.25% per level) and 0.715 when active item used. Magic Resist: 33.6 (+1.25 per level) Movement Speed: 345 and 370 when active item used. Some of the base stats are subject to change. Please feel free to comment and give feedback on the champion :D I've already gotten plenty of ideas from Reddit on ability changes. If the Link isnt working please use [this link ](https://www.behance.net/ChrisZimmitti) to get to my project gallery then pick the Concept from the projects. Sorry for the inconvenience. ---------------------------------- Please go to this link to see the [tweaked abilities and ultimate poll!](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/gm50ebYB-raes-tweaked-kit-plus-ultimate-poll)
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