A possible improvement to hexetech crafting that I think the community would like

If you get a win streak of 3+ you will get a fragment for each win, there will be a skin fragment, emote fragment, champion fragment, ward fragment, emote fragment, blue essence fragment, or, with a smaller chance of getting, a gemstone fragment. If you get 3 fragments you will permanently unlock emotes wards and icons. If you get 3 skin/champion fragments you will get a skin/champion shard. You cannot buy them with BE or RP. getting 3 blue essence fragments will give you 200-500 BE if you get 5, you can get 500-1000 BE. If you get 5 champion fragments, you can activate them to get a champion guaranteed to be at least worth 3150 BE and the chance is increased to get a shard for a champion that you have and is lvl 5 or 6 so you dont need to spend BE on upgrading their levels If you get 5 skin fragments, there is a higher chance (increased by 30%) to get a skin for a champion you play often If you get 3 gemstone shards, you can use them to get a 30% chance of getting a gemstone. For each one you have, the chance increases by 10% (you cant use more than 10 at a time) last thing is something that will fix loads of complaining: make it so you can change X keys into a chest and vice versa. A note to riot: if you think that this is just an excuse for us to get skins. You could A) not do it B) make it so you can buy fragment packs (around 5 random fragments) for RP so you guys can get some money which you are very low on *wink *wink. Or C) increase the number of fragments needed. Anyone out there like this?
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