Resurecting an old skin idea considering Akalis VGU is near [ Akali Reaper / Death the Horseman ]

#Reason for resurection - my main is banned on NA boards (Ban is because of all the salt i spread after the assassin ~~update ~~ nerfs in 6.22 and professing my undying hatred for Rickless who made the Akali changes) so I can't edit that original skin thread anymore. Original post is here: If you check the pool (121 votes) at the end you will see it got 92 insta buy votes and generally 95% of the votes were for the making of it. (With 3 people saying they will pick up the champ if she had such a cool skin) ##Now I know Akalis skills are likely to change a bit (so once the VGU is launched my suggestions for skill animations of the skin may be obsolete) BUT the point is to draw inspiration from the BADASSness of Death The Horseman from Darksiders and make a Reaper skin for Akali. _** #Original post bellow with some edits (deleted my "Ways to introduce the skin to the league" harrowing lore story because it's long af, outdated and badly written. To save ya some scrolling.) _** #**Greetings to all you forum dwellers!** **I have a lot to say but bear with me. The skin I wish to be made is on the Ultimate tier.** _** What you are about to read is the idea for an awesome skin - splash-art (not mine), ideas for spell animations (with videos showing similar), lore story (not the best writer but I tried) and other cool stuff I thought of, that could be implemented in a [Reaper Akali]( skin based on [Death the horseman from Darksiders]( **The idea is amazing and I would like to see it get the attention it deserves.** _** ##The post got a bit out of hand (walls of text) and poor formatting capabilities of the boards didn't help me, so I have organized it. **Section 1 is Deathkali - the skin envisioned in game** * this is what you voters should be concerned with. **Section 2 is mostly targeted at Riot. I wrote it to try and convince them to make Reaper Akali.** * I complain about current Akali skins and say with a lot of words that Riot needs to step up their game when it comes to her skins. * There is also a thematic comparison between Akali and Death. _** _** #Section one: ======================================================================================== #I present you with the ultimate assassin: DeathKali I have linked some Youtube videos of Darksiders where Death uses skills that visually and thematically resemble the Akali spells or can be reworked into such. I give my ideas on how to implement them into Akali's Kit but am open to suggestions. * Q is pretty much the same with a different kama or (psst better) you can make it a swarm of soul skulls. [ Frenzy from Darksiders]( into Mark of the assassin: You can watch it in slow motion to see better - click the kog on the player (settings) and select speed then set it to 0.25 (4 times slower) > Soul-skulls (bright and white/light blue) shoot out from both her hands (6 souls in total), they quickly gather together into a swarm (right infront of Akali at high speed) and then they fly towards the target at projectile speed. Animation to indicate impact follows on reaching the target and after that the souls reappear flying slowly and very close to the marked target (while the mark lasts) and if you proc it they dive in the body of the enemy with an impact animation again. * W = Greenish cloud/mist with occasional skulls(souls) rising above it and dispersing. * You can add a different sound effect to it like whispers/wailings of the dead. * Make sure it looks more like a mist as the current shroud animation looks really weird. (yes I know it's supposed to be "twilight" but it would be better as a less transparent with flashing rings of light and more of a substantial mist with souls rising from it) I'm not sure this is the coolest thing we can do here so open to suggestions. * E = Cool Purple flashy effect. [Giant scythe full swing like Death's "Harvest"]( You should probably watch in slow motion to see it properly > Akali lifts her hands up and a bright purple, smoky light flashes inside her model. The Reaper ghost (made from that bright purple light) starts spinning (while only his upper part is poking out of Akali's model) and swings the scythe into 720 degrees. The first swing the Reaper is spinning the scythe by spinning himself (and it's very fast) and the 2nd swing (Last one is baseball bat swing - starts with both hands but ends with one) This would be very cool in my opinion - add to the animation how Akali puts down her hands, turns and rearms herself after the Reaper disapears but make that cancelable part of the animation. * R = [Reaper form animation]( flying at the target champion and slashing with the giant Scythe while passing through. (Please watch 10 sec of the video to see the desired effect) (Optional - a cool animation of a soul being ripped out if R does a killing blow) ##Notes: When the dash is completed you transform back to Deathkali (purple smoky effect) behind them. When the dash is interrupted by a knock-back or knock up you transform with the smoky effect immediately without slashing. **Now I can see how this will be hard to do if Akali dashes from a short range. After Shadow dance was upgraded to 2000 speed dash the max range distance (700+200passthrough) takes 0.45 sec to perform and the point blank minimum range pass-through dash (150-250 range) would be ~0.125 -to 0.175 sec.** There is simply not enough time for all that animation prowess. Thus, I propose that we either keep the usual animation for 400 range or less (which is the boring thing to do) or if you want flashy things (I sure do!) put [Deaths Teleport slash ]( the short range dashing. The move is to fast to see normally but if you reduce the speed to 0.25 again you will see that the idea is: > Akali combines the 2 Kamas together by their handles (the blade on one kama turns to go in straight line with it's the handle) into a scythe and positions the weapon over her right shoulder as if getting ready to take a 2 handed swing. All this can be performed in a few frames while she is doing a leaning low torso jump forward(dash like shen) and after that, she turns into a purple ball of smokey energy that passes through enemies. This should be possible to animate even if it's the minimum range. [Optional QoL: Something like a blue line particle (imitation of slash wound) or a brief flash of a crescent particle around the target to indicate who was hit if there are several units close together from the ones you dashed past. I mean you can see who took damage but it would be nice to have it. It would also make the short range dashes look a lot smoother.] You then re-emerge from the purple energy behind them as if you had just finished swinging your scythe when you passed through. **Also, I want to add here that Teleport slash animation could easily transition into the reaper dash.** Reason being that the teleport slash would involve a big purple particle which can also be used for the transformation into reaper form if the dash is actually longer than the teleport slash range of 300-400. This is good since it will avoid revealing the destination (distance) of the dash for other players. _** #**Ultra nerd ideas (The cherries of the cake - The steps to ultimate skin):** * Home-guard (High MS running animation for let us say 450+ MS) -[ Riding Despair (Death's mount)]( Please add it even if it's just outside of combat thing. * Spellblade passive animation on proc (Trinity, Lichbane, Iceborn) => Flash of reaper form (bright purple "ghost" behind and above Akali) delivers a strike at the same time as her. => Sync-ed auto attack much like the [combo finishers of Death]( (remember slow motion is the key) just noticed but near the end of the video you have a very good visual for ["Harvest"]( the ability suggested for crescent. * Skin Passive: _**"Salvation"**_ - I chose the name because it's the opposite of Thresh's passive _**"Damnation"**_. This passive will count the number of souls you have reaped (CS, monsters and champ kills, but not every minion kill - Same chances of souls as Thresh but without any attribute bonuses for collecting them) The idea is that after reeping a number of souls Akali's scythe models will change to look more and more evolved. (Remember we are going ultimate with this) Let us say there are 6 types of scythes/kamas. The first ones are the ones in the Splash art: but after collecting 25 souls the scythes get a more vicious look Then at 50 souls you get even cooler ones: Then at 75 you go even harder on badass: At 100 you become Deathfinition of badass: Finally 125 badass meter 11/10: You get the idea. More souls = cooler weapons, no gameplay impact. ===================================================================================== #Check this video for a cinematic experience of the "Death the Reaper of souls" we want to convey into the skin. _** **OK THESE ARE MY SPELL ANIMATION IDEAS NOW IMAGINE THIS SITUATION:** _W(Mist)_ _Deathkali emerges from the green mist, trailed by wailings of the damned._ _E(Harvester)_ _She lifts her hands and purple energy explodes inside her. The reaper ghost emerges from her body spinning like mad. The giant scythe is swung slaying the enemy support, and the few unlucky minions there._ _Q(Frenzy)_ _Deathkali then puts her hand down and stomps with a foot forward unleashing a horde of soul skulls from her hands. The souls swarm together and find the enemy jungler then dive his body, marking him for death._ _R(Teleport slash)_ _Deathkali then takes her kamas and combines them into a scythe. She jumps, now a ball of purple energy surging past the jungler and opening a terrible slash wound._ _ (Spellblade animation)_ _Deatkali appears behind him having delivered her lightning fast blow and still wielding her scythe she turns around and swings the weapon in a deadly arc, the blade of it inevitable as it dives from above, bright purple energy flashes, the Reaper ghost appearing as it mirrors her strike from behind her. _ _The mark procs and the souls dive into the jungler rending his body and taking his life._ _Now the low HP ADC is to come next but he wants none of it and is already running for his life._ _Deathkali starts the chase._ _His fear is great and so is his MS as he flees, his feet getting him closer to safety. There is still a 1000 range gap between them but then an allied champion gives MS boost to our Executioner. _ _In a sudden burst of green flames, Despair appears from bellow her. _ _**"None shall impede the balance!"**_ **Deathkali rides!** _Her undead stead quickly puts her prey in range._ _She jumps off the horse and turns into a purple haze, the Reaper darts towards the ADC... _ _a slash is seen.... heard, and felt... a soul reaped out..._ _The announcer proclaims..._ _The enemy Aced._ _** _** _** #How was it? Did you imagine it? (Bonus idea: killing someone with R or after summoning Despair pre-loads taunt/joke to be: "You can run, you can hide, but Death comes for all." ) I personally can't imagine anything more satisfying in terms of animations for those spells and a better way to end a fight. It will give you the ultimate feeling of power and I dare say increase the number of Akali players on the rift. **HOWEVER FEEL FREE TO POST IN THE COMMENTS ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENTS.** (Especially on voice-overs as I am not very good at coming up with those) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ **More things I would love to see:** * New icons * Animated avatar * Taunt ideas: Akali transforms into reaper form and points a finger saying something like "Your time is up" "Get in the boat" (Styx reference) or something else that is Death/Reaper like. * A darker laugh or at least 2-3 new laughs. * No good dance ideas come to mind, but it could use a change as well. Animation ideas: * have the reaper form and Akali both dance * her playing around with the giant(reaper) scythe * something flashy - Reaper statue and 2 Akali's dancing (Soul split from Darksiders) * Akali summons coffins and a trope of gnouls/skeletons come out and starts playing music and dancing with her. **CONSIDER ADDING INTERACTIONS WITH OTHER CHAMPIONS!** * Example with enemy Ekko: Taunt - Reaper pulls out hourglass: "You have cheated me many times before..." Raises hourglass as if to look at it: "today I will not consult my watch" throws the hourglass behind his shoulder and grips scythe with both hands as the hourglass shatters and energy escapes. * Example with Enemy Thresh: Taunt - "Let us see, who the real reaper is!" (Triggers Passive Title quest: The true reaper - condition for obtaining it is 100 souls gathered first) * Example with Allied Thresh: Taunt - " I wonder... who can gather more souls?" And I'm certain Riot is good enough with puns and jokes (proven in the many patch notes I have read) to add some of those to a Reaper character. (Honestly, I loved the Akali joke about matchmaking balance breaking the fourth wall but it's gotten very old.) Recall animation - Turns into reaper and flies up while spinning. - Whistles and Despair shows up, she brushes his mane (general horse/rider skinship) then at the end gets on top of him (Epic Rider with Horse on two legs pose) and they burst forward in flames disappearing. - Combines her kamas into a Scythe then slices through air making a rip in dimensions and splits her scythe back into kamas then starts forcing the rip open with both her hands and at the end goes through it. - Open for more ideas... (cooler stuff can be made) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #**Deathkali must live!** _** _** #Ways to introduce the skin to the league. I have noticed that Riot likes to make story arcs with any big changes to a champion (GP, Taric etc) and honestly I love them. So why not make something like this ship out with the Akali rework/VU update/Reaper Skin. I am no writer (really crap at it) so get that lore team on it. Big event is better but just a comic is fine. _** #========================================================================================= #Section two: _** _** #**Why is this skin concept good?** Before someone brings up the argument that this is "Death the horseman" made a female (internet rule 63) and it's not really fit for an Akali skin let us check the similarities between them. Akali and Death have a lot in common to begin with: * Black hair - ✔ * Wears a mask - ✔ * Dual Scythes/kamas - ✔ * Strong connection to their "Brotherhood/Order" - ✔ Akali has Shen and Kennen the way Death has War, Strife and Fury * Fast paced slash and jump fighting style - ✔ * Bad-ass assassins who fight for "The Balance" - ✔ * Dual Disciples - ✔ Death has Harbinger/Might and Necromancer/Force skill trees which again is similar to Akali's passive thematically. **The Merge is beyond perfect! ** Now that I actually laid it out it's an uncanny amount of similarities. In the end **this is a Female Death** since they are so similar but it fits Akali like a glove. You can make the argument that Death is a male Akali with just as much success. _** _** #**Why do we need this?** ##_**Dear Riot, please understand that Akali is suffering from her boring skill animations and very limited voice-overs.**_ (Even more so than from her binary game-play in my opinion) I mean jumping around and slashing at things is cool but compared to some of the other champion abilities it's not nearly as visually stimulating. All you need is some small touches and it could be. _**Improving her skill animations will make game-play a lot more satisfying for the player and probably even her victims.**_ _** _** #The "best" skin.... Headhunter At first, Headhunter looked good for me and I quickly bought it, overjoyed as I had been desperate for a good Akali skin with skill animations. Now however, I am no longer satisfied with it. It definitely has a theme to it but for a "Best skin" is bellow average. After all, it's just a minor upgrade beyond the champ model if all things are considered. - Small changes to spell animations, a different SFX for Crescent plus a recall animation. (EDIT 2017 DEC 26TH - You still have not fixed the range on crescent slash animation for that skin when you nerfed it. That is just lazy...) While Headhunter is definitely bad-ass it's not an off the charts **Death**finite bad-ass. The point here being - it's not something that would give people pause and make them think _" Man I really shouldn't mess with that ninja, only death awaits me. "_ **Another big problem with the supposedly best (most expensive) Akali skin is that it has LOST almost all (we are talking 70 plus %) of the attractiveness the other Akali skins have.** As far as my understanding of her goes she is intended to be one of the FemeFatale in the League like Katarina and Ahri -- as in hot and nice to look at, but also deadly if you let your guard down. I am not saying here to turn her into walking sex but she needs to be at least slightly hot like in her other skins. After all she is a flipping female ninja! **Let me ask you this: Would you rather get assassinated by a hot ninja or an ugly one?** All the vibe that headhunter conveys to me in splash and model is that of a deadly and alien Predator/Humanoid Zerg hunter. So yeah Headhunter Akali is cool but it comes with a cost and is not pushed to the limit. \---------------------- ##**The biggest issue here is that there is simply nothing screaming EPIC about it!** I even sometimes go in-game with the classic skin simply because it looks just as good as the alternatives. #**Akali is EPIC!** (EDIT DEC 26TH 2017 - not so epic these days but yeah... I had spirit those days) ##** Riot, you should make her look so.** _** _** #**What is the state of Akali's skins right now?** Currently, best looking in-game Akali skin model is Silverfang (at least for me) and it doesn't win by a lot. The splash is average and there are no animation or voice-overs to go with it. # All the current Akali skins are lackluster at best. I won't go as far as say cheap re-colors as there are some new elements in the models but you got my idea. These elements are so small it is basically unoticeable. Everything done about the Akali skins was half as**d. * Crimson Akali = Red Akali. Why is she just a red Akali? Could you not give her something unique? * Fire/Blood element to her kama animations and spells maybe? * Stinger Akali = Yellow Akali, again nothing unique beyound the Kill Bill reference. * People would be happy with anything that would make it feel like a skin (go a step further with Kill Bill reference on voice over and stuff). You don't even need to try hard with this. * Nurse Akali = solely exists for the "My Waifu" series. The charity origin (ninjas as doctors) of the skin line is nice and she has a sexy splash but then the skin model in game looks horrible.... * Another thing about is that unless you plan on making her a healer after the re-work I don't think it fits thematically... * The only one Akali heals is herself so you could do a Vampire ninja Akali. See? this is a good combination of themes... OMG you need to make this! However Reaper takes priority. * Bloodmoon Akali = This one was supposed to give a Japanese traditional vibe right? Well we got none of that outside of splash and model, again it was plain and boring besides the new weapons (which most people dislike). * To be honest this is closest to being an actual skin with a working but different theme (after headhunter). * You could do something as little as adding Sakura petals particle to her animations, a recall animation that has her pouring tea and a nicer (pink/orange with leafs inside) shroud but no, it was half as**d again! * All-Star Akali = I have no idea why the hell this exists. No, seriously why? * I get that the world cup was coming when you made it. * I also get that ninjas and football can mix well since they are agile. * However it didn't work for Akali. Like nothing at all was done to push the theme or could be done. (EDIT 2017 DEC 26th I realise now that it makes sense in a way as Akali does flying kick to the balls if the enemy champion is facing her and has a tall model) * She was basically plain old Akali dressed to play football. How did it show? Hell you should have made her a cheerleader.... She could then have 2 pompoms and it would have fitted better since she does a lot of acrobatics. In the end she just ended up looking awkward => Wasted potential again. (Could have given that type of skin to some other champion that could use balls in his animations like Syndra) _** #Pick rate: **I get that Akali doesn't see much play to be a viable choice for expensive skin making, but hey a rework is coming for her isn't it?** _**Dear Riot, mediocre skins for sure did not encourage more play.**_ I want to play a damn hot, cool looking and cool sounding Female Reaper (with a horse for high MS animation) and am willing to buy it on Legendary or even Ultimate price and be very happy with that purchase. The reason I would part with so much money for it is simply because it will have a theme! It will actually be different! **I don't remember where, but I saw a joke on a forum about Riot not releasing an Akali chroma pack because it would give you all her skins....** **What more can I say here, that guy had pretty much nailed it. They may not be recolors but they sure feel like it.** _** _** #Why can't I buy anything awesome with my money? **If you ignore sexiness factor in the splash arts the current skins are totally not worth it.** I mean champions like Shyvana have ultra different and cool skins that really deliver a new theme to the champion. All of them under 1000 RP with animations + new models for dragons and everything you can ask for. I play Akali and I find this unfair. The lack of really good feeling skins has always rubbed me the wrong way as I am basically a devoted Akali OTP(one trick pony) and play her in 90% of my games. _** _** #**To summarize:** Akali is one of the few champions that have extremely bland spell animations and none of the skins fix this issue. * She doesn't have any outstanding skins, merely decent ones. * She could really use some new Voice-overs. I get that ninjas are not supposed to talk a lot but damn it she has 19 quotes in total. (not counting laughs) Compare that next to new champions like Tahm Kench.[ I am sorry I can't deliver the number comparison, but just scrolling through the quotes of Tahm without reading them took me ages.]( I can't waste time counting them all. Point here being that Akali has very little interactions to make her feel more alive and flesh out her character like someone from Valoran and Ionia. We get the ninja vibe but none of the story. We need little things here and there that make you realize that she is a part of the League once she is in the game. Her lore suggests lots of things (strong connections to Shen, Kennen, Zed and Ionia) but nothing of that is heard in game. Poof gone in the twilight... So this is some food for thought. (To all you rework Rioters) She is not seeing insane amounts of play but * She has a planned rework. (any info on that would be welcome) * I'm pretty sure sick skins fix the "not played a lot" problem as history has proven. * There is also the whole Tank Akali thing that invited a lot more play recently. \---------------------------------------- #** Fixing her kit is important but so is giving her an awesome skin!** All those players who hold her close to their hearts suffer in silence at the injustice. We want to feel good about buying and owning skins and even a week later be able to say: _" Damn this Akali skin was totally money well spent. I look awesome! "_ _** **Akali skin into Death the horseman is a perfect merge of themes.** There are simply tons and I mean tons of ways handle the spell animations and voice-overs. _** #Things of note: 1. First of all, I am a huge "Darksiders" fan as well as Akali main. * I am not here to advertise the Darksiders games though I couldn't help but do it as I explained the concept. * I own all the skins for Akali over my different server accounts (EUW, EUNE, NA) but none of them could ever hope to hold a candle to what a Death/Akali skin can achieve. 2. I did not make that Fan Art splash (credit to Exaxuxer from DevianArt for making [original one]( and to [imrit450 for making the lovely edit]( ) but I am here to promote it since both sexy and deadly can be felt from it. * Akali is in a bad need of a good skin with cool animations and voice-overs right now. (My opinion since the start of Season 5) 3. I realize this proposal is hard for more than one reason: * Copyrights problems as "Nordic games" now own the rights to "Darksiders" and Death the horseman as a character * Designing it will be a real challenge even if you have visual examples. * Creating the coding for mounts, evolving kamas/scytes and animation differences on diffrent cast ranges won't be a breeze. # However, this is simply too good not to be made! _** **P.S. I'm pleading with you guys here. Riot, please at least try and negotiate with "Nordic games". If you buy the rights to make skins based on Darksiders there are a lot of options. (Darksiders 3 is out soon and Fury and Zyra look very similar. Strife and Lucian will also be a thing. Riven/Attrox/Garen can all be War) Nordic should be happy to strike such a deal as well since currently LoL has one of the biggest player base of all games in the world. This would be great advertising to the "Darksiders" games they have (which in no way threaten you since they are a "Play through the story" games with end) and I see no reason why they would refuse you, should you show interest and make an offer.** EVERYBODY WINS! _**

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