some fresh(er) enchanting mechanics for the new enchanter

* grey health enchantment: a stronger sustain alternative to heals or shields. The enchanter would cast the buff on an ally preemptively like a shield but instead of being able to block burst like a shield it would convert damaged health into grey health that would be regenerated upon expiring. Perhaps it could even have a {{champion:40}} mechanic where the amount generated reduces over time which would further reward better timing from the enchanter. * phase shield: an enchantment that effects a shield by allowing the unit to ignore collision with projectiles and structures. * shield to grey health: a low medium strength shield that turns into grey health when damaged * allied catch: think {{champion:412}} lantern but more enchanter focused. The support would place an aoe similar in size to the lantern a bit shorter in pull range while also being bit quicker in activation. It would aoe shield all targets in the initial range but would not shield anyone walking into range after the initial placement. 1/2/3/4 Allies could then interact with the placed object to dash back to the support. * health buff: less novel than the above options but still fresher than a plain heal. instead of a plain heal it would be have a health buff similar to {{champion:117}} or {{champion:50}} which could effect a heal upon wearing off and would reward prediction on the part of the enchanter. * regeneration aura ult: moderate range aoe regen aura with moderate hps to all friendly targets in the zone + shielding to a cap once hp is maxed out, with the shields lasting for a few seconds post ult. * reintroduction of {{champion:10}} 's old ult: basically her old ult but maybe it would reset if it blocks a resettable execute or at least stun anyone upon expiring that would have dealt fatal damage to its target. any other enchanter mains out there have any good ideas for the first enchanter since 2015?
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