[Rework Concept] Nidalee, the Aspect of the Jungle

https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/016/997/438/large/big-q-dai-1caae3817128a63b90747f0e486b22c.jpg --- **Passive - On the Prowl:** While in bushes Nidalee gains bonus movement speed. When Nidalee exits a bush, the bonus movement speed decays over 2 seconds. Nidalee maintains camouflage over the 2 seconds, but the radius she will be visible expands as the movement speed decays. Nidalee's human damaging abilities marks damaged enemies as Hunted for a few seconds. While moving towards a Hunted enemy, she gains the same movement speed bonus and camouflage as if she just exited a bush. **Q - Starmetal Javelin - Human:** Nidalee hurls a javelin forward in a line, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits. * **Celestial Takedown - Cougar:** The cougar lunges in a target direction, dealing mixed damage and stunning the first enemy in her path for a second. **W - Bushwhack - Human:** Nidalee disarms and silences herself for a moment as she tosses and sets up an invisible trap at a target location. When an enemy steps on the trap, after a brief delay, a cage falls on top of them, placing walls around them, which can be targeted and destroyed in 2/3/4 attacks. While in the cage enemies are grounded and dealt a small amount of magic damage over time. Nidalee can have 1/2/3 traps active at once. Nidalee, or her allies, can walk through the trap, causing it to break, and deal a burst of magic damage to and slow any enemies inside. * **Call of the Wild - Cougar:** The cougar howls, disarming and silencing herself for a moment as she summons, at most, 2 lesser cougars, which persist even while Nidalee is human. Lesser cougars attack Nidalee's attack targets and dashes towards her whenever she casts a movement ability. Lesser cougars deal mixed damage with their basic attacks, and benefit from On the Prowl. * Casting Call of the Wild also grants the cougars and herself bonus attack speed, and the ability to gain a rapidly decaying shield when damaging enemies, which restores the same amount of health as it decays. For several seconds. Nearby allied champions gain half the attack speed and shielding from their damage. **E - Primal Surge - Human:** Nidalee targets herself or an allied champion, transforming them into a Cougar for 10 seconds, granting them a shield and bonus damage resistance for a few seconds. While a Cougar, they have access to Nidalee's basic Cougar abilities. When the shield breaks, they return to normal, and magic damage is deal to near by enemies, which is increased based on the amount of damage the shield absorbed. Their ultimate ability is changed to an ability that will restore their form, to end Primal Surge early. * **Blinding Swipe - Cougar:** The cougar violently swipes around it, dealing mixed damage to all near by enemies, reducing their vision for a second. **R - Aspect of the Cougar - Passive:** While camouflaged Nidalee takes on the form of the Jungle Celestial. Nidalee's basic abilities change, and her basic attacks become melee and deals bonus magic damage on hit. The cougar's melee basic attacks cause it to pounce to enemies that they have not damaged since she entered combat. * **Heart of the Jungle - Active:** Nidalee summons the Celestial to aid her for 30 seconds. Nidalee no longer transforms from Aspect of the Cougar while the Celestial is summoned. Recasting this ability controls the movement of the Celestial. Nidalee's basic abilities will activate for both her and the Celestial. The Celestial can be attacked and destroyed.
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